Friday, September 23, 2016

Diversity, Inc.™ Spider-man

Now that Marvel is owned by Disney, they're moving nearly as quickly as Star Wars is into the realm of insulting their classic audience.  Congress was alarmed today at the rate at which Chinese interests are buying up stock in Hollywood producers, and that they might be producing anti-American propaganda in southern California.  Quite frankly, they'll probably produce better (and certainly less insulting) anti-American propaganda than (((Hollywood))) has done for the last several decades.

Anyway, I was cautiously optimistic about the new Spider-man movie hinted at in Captain America: Civil War because Marvel Studios has done, generally, a pretty good job, and the Spider-man casting, at least, was the best yet.  However... check this out.

This is Ned Leeds: a co-worker of Parker's at The Daily Bugle.

He's been re-imagined as a high school friend of Peter's.  The actor playing him is this guy.

This is Liz Allen.  She's another high school friend of Peter (and Co.)  This picture is from a little later in the canon, after she's married to Harry Osborne.  That's Harry there with her, plus their own little mini-Green Goblin grandson or whatever.

This is the actress cast to play her.
No word on whether or not Harry is even in the movie, but Liz is now supposed to be Peter's love interest.  (No word on what, if anything, happened to Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson—both of them probably too iconically white for them to risk changing her.)  Also; keep in mind this data point when you think of Peter Parker being attracted to her...

Flash Thompson is an iconic Spider-man character; a big-mouthed jock who loves Spider-man, but ironically, despises Peter Parker.

Played by this Guatemalan actor, who was originally, supposedly, supposed to be a character named Manuel!

To round all that up, we're also supposed to believe that this actress is a brainy, nerdy, always-in-her-books character.

Of course, the villains will be played by these three actors:

Who do they think that they're kidding?  (((Hollywood))) hates America.  It hates white males; the primary audience for super-hero comic books (and movies based on them) especially.  Do they really think that the virtue-signaling of a handful of critics is going to make up for the disgust of their primary audience?

This is hardly an isolated incident.  Check out Iris West in the Flash, or Ben Urich in Daredevil.  Or Aquaman, fer cryin' out loud.  The black Johnny Storm in the recent Fantastic Four movie was just embarrassingly stupid.  Perry White in the new Superman movies.  Deadshot in Suicide Squad.  The black Norse god Heimdall in Thor (?!) (and upcoming black Valkyrie.) Nick Fury is a classic example, as is Blade (although both were minor enough characters that they probably got away with it, since both Samuel L. Jackson and Wesley Snipes did a credible job on both.).  In the older Fantastic Four movies, Ben Grimm's blind girlfriend Alicia Masters mysteriously went from being a blonde to a black girl.  Jimmy Olson in the new Supergrrl show (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) is now a black man; formerly a freckled red-head.  Halle Berry as Catwoman (although I guess Eartha Kitt already paved the way for that one a long time ago; plus Anne Hathaway stole the role more recently.)  The same complaint could be made about the Kingpin in the earlier Daredevil movie.  Electro by outspoken anti-white racist Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spider-man.  Dr. Strange's arch-enemy Baron Mordo is now going to be black.  Deathstroke in Arrow went from being a white guy to a Maori.  Wally West in The Flash is black.  Jasper Sitwell kinda looks like he could still be white, but the actor is definitely hispanic.  Hawkgirl in Arrow is black.

There are even more if you delve into shows like Smallville and whatnot.

It's insane.  Do they really think that we aren't noticing what is a very concerted and heavy-handed push to insult the audience and erase white people from the entertainment industry as much as possible (except when playing villains)?  You can't blackwash, brownwash and pinkwash all of the iconic characters in a genre who's readership is still dominated by white males and expect to get away with it.  It's insulting.

I notice that they're a bit leery of replacing major stars or extremely well-known characters still; I guess they haven't completely sold out to their racist agenda that they don't want to still have a shot at making some money.

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