Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ad Astra vs. Star Wars Remixed, Part II

Bern Monarchy = Bern Monarchy

Revanchist Republic = Revanchist Republic

Sith Empire = Seraean Empire

Corporate Sector = Corporate Sector

Hutt Cartel = Dhangetan Cartel

Mandalorian Cartel = Cilindan Cartel

Chiss Ascendency = Altairan Ascendency

Gray Marshals = Gray Marshals

Orthodox Jedi = Sacristans

Skywalker Jedi = Simonians

Cyborg Order = Cyborg Order

Nightsisters and Nightbrothers = The Old Ones

Sith = Shadow Knights or Hezun Knights

Coruscant = Capitol (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Tatooine = Orken (or Ørken)

Raxus = Dimidium

Dathomir = Phobetor

Ilum = N/A.  No Ilum equivalent, since lightsabers are psionic constructs, not mechanical ones, and therefore need no crystals.

Hoth = Yuggoth (hehe...)

Mandalore = Cilindare

Nal Hutta = Tars Dhangeta

Nar Shaddaa = Tars Bruttium

Moraband = Thanatos

Dromund Kaas = Phonos Ma

Given that my Earth-descendants are specifically Northern European (or their descendants via America) in origin, some old Germanic, Celtic and Classic references in the names is to be expected.  There are alien humans (and actual aliens) namely the Ubrai and Idachar, although as they've merged with earth-descent humans over time, they've largely taken on Earth-descent cultures, languages and whatnot as well.

I'm going to minimize (somewhat) the presence of aliens relative to Star Wars.  They'll be there, although most are not even people in rubber masks, they're just people with weird contacts and make-up jobs, but the real focus is on the Earth-descent people, for the most part, and my "iconics" party is specifically designed to be mostly them.  Partly this is to keep me from having to come up with tons of weird new alien names all of the time; something that I enjoyed in my younger years, but which somewhat dread now (plus I don't have nearly as good an ear for it as someone like Edgar Rice Burroughs did, for instance.)

Again; this is more in keeping with the flavor of the very first Star Wars movies—and less so with the later movies.

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