Monday, January 04, 2016

Timischburg map, updated

The very sketchy map that I hand-drew and scanned has now been replaced by this slightly prettier digital sketch.  Basically, I whited out my hand-scrawled labels, reinforced some of my pencil scratches, spent just a bit more time digitally manipulating it (but only a bit; this is still a sketch) and put new labels in with the text tool.  Then I sepia-ed the file, added a vignette overlay, and made it look just a bit better, but keep in mind, this is still meant to be nothing more than a sketch.

This then is both my DARK•HERITAGE kingdom of Tarush Noptii and my CULT OF UNDEATH kingdom of Timischburg—which of course is the entirety of the CULT OF UNDEATH setting, as it happens.  I didn't label it as either on purpose, so it can be a switch hitter and stand in for either as needed.

Timischburg / Tarush Noptii
Although I didn't think to label the Mezzovian Sea, the big jagged line that runs about a third (or less) of the way up from the bottom is a big coastline.  Just in case that wasn't obvious, which on retrospect, it isn't.

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