Friday, December 18, 2015

A few Contest of Champions updates

I've picked up a bunch of new 2-stars, for a variety of reasons.  Most of them, I'm not sure that I want to keep.  I'm also thinking that the expense of leveling up a lot of 2-stars is getting to be prohibitive, and their utility is getting to be relatively low, other than in the 2-star 3x3 competition that I'm in (which, if I do well enough, will give me a 3-star Rocket Raccoon here in the next few days.  So I want to keep at it, but I don't want to keep getting more 2-stars.

I'm kinda thinking that I want to keep it down to 3 2-stars per class.  Any more than that is too many.  I have one class for which I'm still one short of that—the Tech class.  There, I only have Iron Man and Star-Lord.  I have two classes for which I'm at the right number right now; Skill and Science, with heroes in Skill being Punisher, Black Panther and Black Widow, and heroes in Science being Yellowjacket, Ant-Man and Rhino.

And in three classes, I have four 2-star heroes, meaning that I need to do some pruning.  For Cosmic, I have Superior Iron Man, Ronan, Black Bolt and Thor.  Three of those I literally just got in the last day or two and haven't even spent anything on them yet.  Ronan I've actually got twice, so rather than getting two of him, I've had him unlock some special ability.  That means he probably makes the cut.  Superior Iron Man is leveled way up, so I don't want to can him.  Thor or Black Bolt?  I need to decide.

For Mutants, I've actually had four for a little while: Cyclops, Deadpool, Wolverine and Storm.  One needs to go.  Too bad; I've spent money on all of them.  But I can't let sunk costs deter me at this point.  I've got too many of them.  Cyclops may be the one I get rid of, just because I like him the least.  Too bad; he's probably my most advanced, although all four are roughly at parity.  That said; when I sell an upgraded hero, I get more for him than if I sell a fresh off the lot non-customized 2-star.  Either Cyclops or Storm, though.

And I'm in the same boat for Mystic heroes, although Scarlet Witch is easily my least favorite; I kinda like my Juggernaut and Unstoppable Colossus well enough, and between Scarlet Witch and Iron Fist, it's an easy decision to make.

So Black Bolt and Cyclops or Storm (probably Cyclops) and Scarlet Witch all need to go to make room (and cash) for upgrades to guys I want to develop more.  But before they go, they can participate in one last 2-star 3x3 for me.  Except the new guys with no upgrades.  They're getting overwhelmed in the matchups lately, so it's probably maladaptive to even use them right now.

I've now gone through all of the class based Catalyists except Tech (which should be tomorrow) so I've ranked up all of my 3-stars (except Hulkbuster.)  Of course, that means that now I need to level them up, and that's pricey.  I've switched to spending all of the units I earn on gold crystals, just to try and keep my budget afloat.

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