Monday, November 30, 2015

Dark•Heritage m20 rev. 1.2

Bumped my rule set from version 1.1.8 to 1.2.  This was a semi-significant update; not necessarily in amount of content, but in terms of significance to the rules themselves.  My last post previewed it pretty well, so I'll give only a brief summary here:

  • Updated Kozaky to Scramasax, and a minor update in the description.  Changing a race name.  No big deal.  I already covered that here on the blog, for whatever it's worth.
  • Added class customization rules to the Class section of Character Generation.
  • Added the Shadow Sword class as a "below the line" class that cannot be customized, but which is available for selection.
  • Added a number of new monsters (mostly all animals, although of course there's no rule that separates animals from any other class of monster.)
  • Added Stats for all monsters (as in STR, DEX and MND stats.  Of course, they already had some other stats to begin with.)  This is for allowing monsters to make skill checks.  Previously, skill checks were meant to be GM rulings, but with the expansion of the Animal Companion ability to more classes, I thought having rules for it was expedient.
  • Rewrote some of the monster introductory text, removing references to GM rulings with regard to stats and skills.  Also clarified that the stats are only to be used for skill checks; the existing attack and damage rolls are meant to be used unmodified by the stat.  It was already implicitly included in the attack and damage rolls that the monster already had.
  • Had to update the table of contents.  No biggie.
The updated rules are available in wiki form and as a pdf attachment to the wiki here.

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