Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Minor pantheon updates

I decided that "Latinizing" my deity names was an unnecessary and in fact more troublesome than it was worth, since the benefit of suggesting that if Cthulhu were an actual entity that was worshiped in real life by a "Hispanish" culture it would probably be written something like Cathulo is a dubious benefit at best--one that really only caters to a kind of philology nerdism--I'm tweaking my DARK•HERITAGE pantheon yet again, a slight amount.  Whew.  Long sentence.

Here's the modified list:

The Four Horsemen
  • Chernavog - the Black Pharaoh.  Said to be the "father" of Baal Hamazi and the kemlings.
  • Perun - The Thunderer - a "slavic" Thor - a kozaky god who's worship has spread throughout the region
  • Culsans - The Judge
  • Charon - The King in Yellow.  Often followed in iconography by Tarush, the Fallen One
Other Major Deities
  • Ishtar - The Heirodule
  • Dagon - The Sleeping Sea God.  I prefer Dagon to Cthulhu.  Cthulhu's just a little bit too on the nose.
  • Susinac - The Traveler
  • Cernunnos - The Hunter, stag-headed god.  I liked the Celtic title better than the more esoteric Etruscan one for a god of the woods and wild-places.  Plus, I like the antlered iconography.
  • Surtur
  • Pan, the Great Beast of the Woods (ape-god)
  • Azathoth - Blind Idiot Daemon-sultan
  • Yog-Sothoth - The Gate
Lesser Deities
  • Grigori - The Watcher
  • Samyassa and Iblis - Fallen Angels
  • Herne - The Green Man, master of the Wild Hunt
  • Dog
The Heresiarchy (not actually deities, but demigod-like characters)
  • Bartolommeo, the Many Angled
  • Esmeraude, She Who Ushers the Apocalypse
  • Sébastien, He of the Beast Aspect
  • Kefte Taraan, Mistress of Forgotten Secrets
  • Kadashman, He Who Peers Into the Void
  • Djemaa Mennefer, the Gnomic
  • Amrruk the Ancient
  • Jairan Neferirkare, the Soul-less
  • Arzana, Clad in Black
  • Siggeir Sherihum, the Sangremancer
  • Shimut the Flesheater
  • The Master of Vermin

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