Thursday, February 19, 2015

New m20 Iconics: Faraaz Al-Hasib

Jann in Porto Liure are somewhat rare.  Many of them are more associated with the port's rival city, Sarabasca.  But many pirates, merchants, and other assorted adventurous types call no port home, necessarily, and thus jann do wander the streets of Porto Liure in small numbers.  Often sticking together, they are not politically important, but due to their exotic accents, cuisine, dress, and their association with a rival super-power to the eastern end of the Mezzovian, they often tend to attract more attention than they'd wish.

This is not the case for Faraaz Al-Hasib.  Al-Hasib is comfortable being the center of attention, and in fact, that is his favorite place to be.  He's been in Porto Liure since he was a very young boy, actually, and has never called anywhere else home, although he was brought on a ship from Sarabasca by his mother at some point, who was fleeing a husband who had decided to have her and her son killed so that he would be free to remarry.

It turns out this did not help in the long-run, as her husband was publicly humiliated by her flight, due to the cultural traits of the jann in Sarabasca.  His influence faded, his desired new bride was spirited away from him by her family, who no longer wished to ally themselves with him.  He was forced to spend much of his fortune tracking them down in an attempt to regain sufficient honor to recover socially in Sarabasca.

But Al-Hasib's mother was not idle.  On arriving in Porto Liure, the first thing she did was spend the portion of her fortune that she was able to abscond with having young Faraaz trained by master fencers, politicians, and others--trained to navigate treacherous waters.  He was also enrolled in religious schools, and even swore vows and was ordained as a minor vicar or curate.  It took five years, but in Faraaz's 16th year, his mother was found by a bounty hunter.  By now, Faraaz was a skilled fencer, among other things, and he killed the bounty hunter in a fiery duel fought in the streets and witnessed by many.  Three months alter, Faraaz's father himself came searching for him, and Faraaz was forced to kill him in a duel as well.

That was now nearly ten years ago, but as a still young man in his mid-twenties, Faraaz has enjoyed his reputation about town as a dangerous fencer.  On the death of his father, a not inconsiderable fortune was passed to him, although he has gambled or some of it away, spent a good deal more on an elaborate funeral and mausoleum for his mother when she passed away of natural causes a few years later, and the rest he keeps saved, living off of interest and speculation when he can.

Alone among the group that fights The Shadow, he is neither overly afraid of it, nor is he touched by any tragedy or trauma.  Although he practices his religious vows very little, he feels confident that his vestments offer him some degree of protection from the supernatural.  Manoel Vaz do Camões is worried that Faraaz is overconfident and reckless, in particular with his use of some sorcerous incantations, but so far he has kept his worries mostly to himself, and Faraaz is too head-strong to listen to his warnings anyway.  However, Manoel keeps a careful eye on Faraaz, to make sure that he doesn't slip over into becoming one of the group's targets if he falls from his place.

Character sheet:
Name: Faraaz Al-Hasib
Class/Level: Fighter 3
Race: Jann
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Color: Red
STR: 10 (+0)
DEX: 18 (+4)
MND: 11 (+0)
Hit Points: 29
Armor Class: 21 (medium armor)
Athletics: +6
Communication: +3
Knowledge: +3
Subterfuge: +3
Survival: +3
Melee To Hit: +8 (using light weapons)
Ranged To Hit: +8
Magic To Hit: +4
Wealth on Hand: 33 gp, 20 sp, 4 cp
Weapons: Rapier 1d6 damage
Dagger 1d6 Damage, 50 ft. if thrown
Pistol 2d6 + 1 damage 300 ft.
Other Equipment: Breastplate (medium), glass bottle, candle, priest's vestments, noble's outfit, flask, ink, inkpen, hooded lantern, lock, mirror, sealing wax, signet ring, spyglass
Spells: Peal of Clanging Woe, Eye of the Mi-Go, Cushion of the Shantaks, Voice of the Ghost, Grip of the Bloodspawned

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