Tuesday, February 24, 2015

De/Vision Greatest Hits

In 2013, after their latest full length CD release (Rockets + Swords), De/Vision released a retrospective, 25 Years - Best of Tour.  It has 33 tracks on it.  I'm a pretty big De/Vision fan, and I have all of their regular albums, and manymost, evenof their CD singles and remixes, although I don't necessarily have all of their compilations, live albums, and there's a remix or two out there that I haven't tracked down yet, no doubt.

Anyhoo, I've created my own Greatest Hits list, and because the original CD limits itself to 33 tracks, so have I.  For some songs, I'm picking specific remixes which qualify.  In some of these cases, the remix substantially changes the tone or feel of the song, so another version cannot be assumed to substitute for the one I picked.  Anyway, this is just a semi-random music post, just for fun.  All songs are in alphabetical order by song title, and where it comes from is listed as well.
  1. "Be a Light To Yourself [Paralyzed Remix]" - From The Mix 3.0
  2. "Binary Soldier" - From Rockets + Swords
  3. "Blue Moon '99" - From Remixed (Ltd 2-CD version), but also appears on Blue Moon '99 single
  4. "Boy Toy" - From Rockets + Swords
  5. "Brothers In Arms [Extended Version]" - From Brothers In Arms single
  6. "Deliver Me" - From Monosex
  7. "Digital Dream [Electroclash Mix by DJ Ram]" - From Digital Dream EP
  8. "Dinner Without Grace '98" - From Zehn
  9. "Drifter" - From Monosex
  10. "Drifting Sideways [Gigi D'Agostino Viaggio Mix] - From Underconstruction 3 Remix
  11. "Flash of Life [Melancholic Mix]" - From Popgefahr - The Mix (German version)
  12. "Flavour of the Week" - From n00b
  13. "Foreigner [Original Version]" - From Void
  14. "Hear Me Calling" - From Monosex
  15. "Heart-Shaped Tumor [Neurotic Mix]" - From Heart Shaped Tumor single
  16. "I Regret" - From Fairyland?
  17. "I'm Not Dreaming Of You" - From 6 Feet Underground
  18. "Life Is Suffering" - From n00b
  19. "mAndroids" - From Popgefahr
  20. "Plastic Heart [Renegade of Noise Floor RMX]" - From Popgefahr - The Mix (German version)
  21. "Rage [Mesh-Tantrum Mix]" - From Popgefahr - The Mix (curiously, this version is on both the German and the North American releases)
  22. "Ready to Die [Hearhere Mix]" - From Popgefahr - The Mix (this one is also on both releases)
  23. "Silent Moan" - From Two
  24. "Slaves to Passion" - From Monosex
  25. "Subtronic" - From Subkutan
  26. "Take Me To The Time [Memphis Mix]" - From Remixed (Ltd 2-CD version)
  27. "Try To Forget '98" - From Zehn
  28. "Turn Me On [Rename Vocal Club Mix]" - From Turn Me On  single
  29. "Twisted Story [Rob Dust Remix]" - From Popgefahr - The Mix (both versions)
  30. "Until The End of Time" - From Popgefahr
  31. "We Fly... Tonight [Night Flight Remix]" - From We Fly... Tonight (Remixes) although I have it as a bonus track on my version of Monosex (which for whatever reason, when I ordered from Amazon, I got the Japanese, not the German version of the CD)
  32. "What's Love All About [Kant Kino Remix]" - From Popgefahr - The Mix (North America version)
  33. "Your Hands On My Skin [Sonnet Shuttle Mix]" - From Remixed


Joshua Dyal said...

For what it's worth, you can get, for less than $20, the four disc compilation (as mp3 download) from Amazon. This contains the entire Unversed in Love, Fairyland? and World Without End albums, plus a bunch of other remixes, b-sides and related songs. This isn't their best material, but there's some good stuff there, and that's a good price.

You can also get Popgefahr - The Mix as an mp3 download, and you'll get the American release. You can then buy Popgefahr: The Collection which will give you the original album, the German Mix, and Mix 3.0 (four CDs worth) as an import boxed set for less than $40.

After that, well, you're on your own. You can get almost everything else on Amazon, but much of it is in CD form, not downloadable. I highly recommend Monosex. You can cherry-pick through some of the rest of their stuff; if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can even get quite a bit of it for free.

Joshua Dyal said...

Whoops! Forgot to identify the compilation mentioned first above as Strange Days.

Joshua Dyal said...

A lot of their material (but not all of it) is on Spotify, too.