Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ron Edwards on the state of fantasy and gaming in the "early years"


The third (of three) discussion points in that refer to Ron Edwards' "Naked Went the Gamer" essay, which treats--in a way--gamer culture and fantasy/sci-fi fandom culture in the 1970s and 80s and early part of D&D's life cycle, basically.  If you read that, you'll notice that I largely disagree with his essay, even while I concede that he has a point.

I just read another new interview with Ron Edwards, which I liked better, and which I found easier to agree with.  It's an interesting read for anyone who is a fan of D&D; especially older D&D.  I found his almost off-the-cuff references to the vector of folks who came into gaming as fans of fantasy fiction first to be interesting.  He may have thought that was rare back in the day (and maybe it was) but just a few years later, it was much more common.

Anyway, the new interview is here:  http://www.castaliahouse.com/a-conversation-with-ron-edwards/

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