Monday, January 26, 2015

Archery in fantasy stories

Archers are very common in fantasy stories; iconic characters like Legolas are archers, and they are based on quasi-historical figures like Robin Hood or William Tell.  And, of course, archers are important in actual Medieval military history, which informs so much of the fantasy genre in general.

However, I think we don't really understand archery anymore, because it's an obsolete skill.  For those of you who wish to re-emphasize archery, and maybe learn a thing or two about how it most likely actually worked in the Middle Ages, check out this video.

Yes; I realize that posting this, while cool and somewhat on-topic, is really punting.  Are you ever going to talk about DARK•HERITAGE again, some may wonder.  As it happens, I'm slowly getting to work on putting together the wiki page that will replace my older wiki pages, now on Google!  As I've said before, and maybe one or two of you may have noticed, I'm taking the opportunity presented by my forced migration to re-organize and revisit the setting; possibly even retconning it to some (relatively minor) extent.

I'm also feeling serious about getting to the bottom of producing some digital maps, something else I've wished to do but been too intimidated to actually do, for some time.  So yeah; I hope and expect to see some new and hopefully interesting DARK•HERITAGE content once again become the focus of the blog for much of 2015.

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