Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Star Wars m20 v. 1.1

As threatened in my last post, I made some updates to the Star Wars m20 setting document and character sheet.  For some reason, I don't have the small character sheet original source file, so it's not updated for the time being (although if I can get to it this evening, I'll do it at home where I have the ability to easily modify the pdf file directly.  Plus, I think I have the original source file stored there anyway.)

Anyway, here is the modified rules file:  http://jdyal.webs.com/StarWarsM20.pdf

And here is the modified character sheet:  http://jdyal.webs.com/StarWarsCS.pdf

The character sheet is best used if printed "duplex" style with the character information on one side of the sheet, and the starship/vehicle information on the other side.  The small character sheet includes both on one side of one page, but since it includes outdated information about classes, you'll have to fudge it just a little bit to make it work, until I can get around to fixing it.

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