Monday, December 15, 2014

New m20 Iconics: Ottvar Aeldstan

Ottvar is a hard man, and a very large one as well.  Unless drunk, he's a man of fairly few words and a sour demeanor.  Ottvar served as a young man with the Variagoi Guard in Terassa itself, but after making a fair bit of money, he tired of the regimented life, and struck out on his own.  He returned to his homeland in the north, where he found himself increasingly in conflict with bandits of Terassan stock and wandering Untash tribesmen, so he tired again, and headed back into more settled Terassan lands, where there were fewer of his race, but many semi-Terassanized people who saw him as a long-lost kindred spirit.

Although he dislikes violence, he is good at it, and has usually found work as a hired guard, soldier, mercenary or other field in which the potential for violence was paramount.  But what he really ached for was more settled work, and he used his savings from his time as a Variagoi to buy a farm, settle down, get married, and work in a small village.  He enjoyed this work for only a short time, however.

A wandering clan of Tarushan gypsies passed through.  It's not clear if they were traveling with an incognito vampire or ghoul cult, or if they simply had a vicious bokor among them, but Ottvar's wife--and many others of the village--were kidnapped, and most were killed.  Ottvar led the villagers, mostly hardy farmers of scramasaex and nordero heritage, in an effort to recover them.  Ottvar's own wife, turned into a rather nasty zombie, was put down by his own hand.

After this, his heart was no longer in farming.  He gave custody of his plot of land to a good local friend and went to Porto Liure.  Falling in with the group those who hunt supernatural threats and protect innocents from their depredations has given him some meaning, and he takes pride in what he does and what he has become.

Ottvar is large and extremely strong.  With barbarically styled blond hair, piercing pale eyes, a fabulous moustache, and deeply tanned and freckled skin, he's easy to spot among the mostly olive-skinned and dark-haired ethnic Terassans who make up the majority of the folks of Porto Liure, and his name and a pale shadow of what he actually does is known to many in the city.  Few, even among the criminals, are willing to get in his way--not only because he is very large, strong, potentially violent and intimidating, but because his service to the city is known and respected by most.

Character sheet:
Name: Ottvar Aeldstan
Class/Level: Fighter 3
Race: Human (scramasaex)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Color: Tanned
STR: 18 (+4)
DEX: 12 (+1)
MND: 12 (+1)
Hit Points: 33
Armor Class: 18 (medium armor)
Athletics: +7
Communication: +4
Knowledge: +4
Subterfuge: +4
Survival: +4
Melee To Hit: +8
Ranged To Hit: +5
Magic To Hit: +5
Wealth on Hand: 24 gp, 16 sp, 57 cp
Weapons: Claymore 1d10 + 5 damage
Rifle 2d8 + 1 damage 300 ft.
Other Equipment: Chain shirt (medium), backpack, bedroll, winter blanket, traveler's outfit, fish hook, flint and steel, lamp, waterskin, pack horse, saddlebags
Spells: None

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