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New m20 Iconics: Ibbisin Nannar

Ibbisin Nannar is a hamazin kemling expatriate.  Born in glittering Simashki to a concubine of a leading light of the Cherskii Mafia, she was at a young age viewed as potentially useless and nearly put out on the street.  However, a friendly trainer for the Mafia saw in her a spark of potential; a ruthlessness and deviousness, willingness to take risks, and talent as a thief, and she was allowed to remain, and even trained by the assassins guild within the Mafia.  In this, she excelled far beyond her trainer's expectations, yet still she was passed over in favor of stronger and even more ruthless men in her class.  Correctly perceiving, at the young age of 16, that she was a liability to the Mafia if they weren't going to use her, she escaped Simashki and traveled south, eventually arriving in Porto Liure.

Ibbisin has an intimate acquaintance with The Shadow.  In Simashki, she was raised in a cell that still clung to the Old Ways; the original charter of the Cherskii Mafia that is largely forgotten by most who remain in the organization today, especially those who live expatriate lives.  She was tutored and educated in arcane arts, although she herself is no spellcaster, and fears The Shadow tremendously.  

On arriving in Porto Liure, she had little to her name other than her skills, so she quickly put them to work as a cat burglar, and before long she had amassed a fairly significant bit of wealth.  She soon found, however, that she had brought upon herself unwanted attention not only by the Watch in Porto Liure, but also from other criminals and organized crime, including that of the local Cherskii Mafia.  Of course, she had no reason to suspect that the local Mafia would be aware of her connection to that of Simashki, but this scared her into keeping a lower profile.  After fencing her goods, she found that she had enough to set herself up as a student at the Academy, and at the age of 17, was an independent young girl living in the dormitories.

She was fated to find herself still in trouble, however--her room-mate, a Terrasan girl named Natalia Miroz was caught in the Fall of the Church of Starry Wisdom.  Somewhat reluctantly, Ibbisin helped her room mate escape trial and sure sentencing to execution by firing squad (witchs are traditionally shot and their bodies burned in Porto Liure, by law).  Natalia is still out there in Porto Liure somewhere, in hiding, and using her growing arcane power to bring woe to the city that condemned her and her colleagues to death.

Ibbisin fell in with Vaz do Camões a year ago--now four years after the Fall of the Church.  While still young, she is experienced and hardened, and her fear and respect for the supernatural has grown.  She immediately saw the value in working with a group that is pledged to combat its baleful influence in the city, and agreed to join the small group (at the time, it was only Vaz do Camões himself, and his "bodyguard" Ottvar Golovskin.

Ibbisin does not live on the Rua like most of the rest of the group (for one thing, it's proximity to the Church of Starry Wisdom makes her uneasy)--rather, she maintains a presence at the Academy, posing as nothing more than a student.  Now that she no longer has to pay for her own tuition, room and board, she intends to continue studying for as long as she's allowed; not only does she enjoy learning for its own sake, but she is well aware that the temptation many students have to delve into knowledge that should be left alone brings many threats to the Academy itself.  She has positioned herself with a minor staff role in the Biblioteque at the Academy, and keeps an eye open at all times.  Although she is retired as a cat burglar, and her training as an assassin never actually culminated in working as one, she is still extremely stealthy, and uses her skills to further the aims of the iconics' group.

Character sheet:
Name: Ibbisin Nannar
Class/Level: Rogue 3
Race: Kemling (hamazin)
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Color: Sooty dark gray
STR: 13 (+1)
DEX: 16 (+3)
MND: 14 (+2)
Hit Points: 26
Armor Class: 16 (light armor)
Athletics: +3
Communication: +3
Knowledge: +3
Subterfuge: +6
Survival: +3
Melee To Hit: +4
Ranged To Hit: +6
Magic To Hit: +5
Wealth on Hand: 21 gp, 13 sp, 4 cp
Weapons: Machete 1d6 + 1 damage
Bow 1d8 damage 500 ft.
Pistol 2d6 damage 100 ft.
Other Equipment: Leather armor (light), Bedroll, Bell, Candle, Chalk, Courtier's outfit, Explorer's outfit, Crowbar, Flint and steel, Grappling hook, Hooded lantern, Lock, Mirror, Rope, Signet ring
Spells: None
Notes: Sneak attack, Night vision

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