Wednesday, October 08, 2014

New setting wiki

Well, Wikispaces went down.  Or at least it's no longer hosting wikis for free.  Therefore, both the rules wiki, the setting wiki, the archived earlier version of the setting wiki, and the sister-setting wikis are all gone.  I was able to archive all of the content from them before they went dark, but they're going away as we speak.

I've decided that how I'll handle this is to create a new Google Site--which probably won't go anywhere for years--to replace all of them.  I won't merely be replicating the old content, though--I'm starting from scratch.  I'm also taking this opportunity to perhaps make some addendums, changes, and some evolution if you will to the setting.  Some stuff that I've done before has fallen out of favor, and some things that I really like didn't really fit before.

Much of the content will, of course, be fundamentally the same.  Much of it may be even be exactly the same, verbatim.  Much of it will be copied and pasted from this blog.

But... I can't resist taking advantage of this unforeseen opportunity to tinker a bit.  Make some modifications.

I'm not going so far as to say that this is now a Mk. V of the setting; I'm still on a Mk. IV that's just getting a little bit of a clean-up, restructure, and a few other minor changes.

Anyway, although I don't really have any content there yet, here's where the site will be:

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Joshua Dyal said...

As an aside, the old wikispaces content isn't "down" per se--at least not yet. I am, however, getting a message when I log in over there saying that they no longer offer free wikis, so I either need to recategorize, upgrade or cancel my wikis. Needless to say, I won't be doing anything until I have to (although I have exported all of the content to PDF to archive it, at least.) Because I'm going to hold out as long as they let me, I presume that someday without much warning the wikis will simply disappear. They have not, however, done so yet.