Monday, September 15, 2014

Pantheon remodeled and expanded

So, I'd like to further explore the pantheon of DARK•HERITAGE.  This isn't strictly necessary, since I downplay both religious and mythological elements in actual play, but at the same time--I love a good fantasy mythology, so I can't resist.  First, let me redraw the pantheon and other mythical or semi-legendary figures.  Then, let me add additional members, myths and elements to it.  For today, I'm only going to expand on one, but eventually I'll add more.

The Four Horsemen
  • Ciernavo (Chernavog) - The Black Pharaoh
  • Peronte (Perun) - The Thunderer
  • Culsans - The Judge
  • Caronte (Charon) - Death, with Orcus (Hell) behind him
Other Major Deities
  • Istaria (Ishtar) - The Heirodule
  • Cathulo or Dagon (Cthulhu) - The Sleeping Sea God
  • Susnacco (Susinac) - The Traveler
  • Selvans - The Hunter
  • Surturo (Surtr) 
  • Pan - The Beast of the Forest
  • Huudrazai - The Blind Idiot Stargod
  • Yog-Sothoth - The Gate
Lesser Deities
  • Grigori - The Watcher
  • Samyassa - The Fallen
  • Herne - The Master of the Wild Hunt
  • Dog
The Heresiarchy (not actually deities, but demigod-like characters)
  • Bartolommeo, the Many Angled
  • Esmeraude, She Who Ushers the Apocalypse
  • Sébastien, He of the Beast Aspect
  • Kefte Taraan, Mistress of Forgotten Secrets
  • Kadashman, He Who Peers Into the Void
  • Djemaa Mennefer, the Gnomic
  • Amrruk the Ancient
  • Jairan Neferirkare, the Soul-less
  • Arzana, Clad in Black
  • Siggeir Sherihum, the Sangremancer
  • Shimut the Flesheater
  • The Master of Vermin
The Great Beast Pan is a deity that is poorly known among the more civilized peoples of the Three Empires, but some few call on his name.  Among the barbarous apes and monkeys of N'gah, he is the patron deity and the King of N'gah resembles him in most respects.  The apes of N'gah are more anthropomorphic than gorillas or chimpanzees, being better at bidepalism and capable of using tools and their hands more like a person.  The same is true for the larger monkeys that make up the intelligent (yet savage) populace of N'gah, which resemble baboons that are more anthropomorphic.  The King of N'gah is, however, an icon if Pan himself, a savage god that resembles a gigantic human-like mandrill covered in spikes, with steel-clawed hands.  The King occasionally uses weapons, but given his steel-like claws, he usually doesn't need to.

It is unclear why this race of Pan-worshipping intelligent apes and monkeys exist, or why their range is so constrained.  Pan's motives are inscrutable.  However, sorcerers and others occasionally worship Pan, especially if they desire vengeance.  The dominant theme of Pan is anger, rage and ferocity, and such is the society of the apes as well.

The current King of N'gah is Kivili.  He would best be represented in d20 as an awakened dire ape with some class levels.  In m20, he'd be similar (although obviously less complex in terms of what rules to use.)

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