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New m20 Iconics: Manoel Vaz do Camões

I'm creating a new set of Iconics, now that I've really and truly settled on a preferred system.  In the past, my Iconics were somewhat systemless; these new Iconics will be characters created specifically with regards to the m20 system (version 1.1.x where the x represents minor errata, fixed spelling or other errors, not actual changes to the system itself--that would require a bump to 1.2!)

This entire group of Iconics I see as a motley crüe... er, excuse me, crew that has attached themselves together of necessity as an "ensemble cast" not unlike a small group of PCs.  Although my own personal preference for running a game would be only three or four PCs, I'm going to whip up six Iconics--but it's my expectation that if they're ever used for anything, they break out in teams of 2-4; they rarely go all out together to resolve anything.

The Iconics will all be 3rd level to represent their past experience, which I'll only hint at.  All of them have been touched by The Shadow in one way or another, and the experience was either traumatic or tragic or both for most of them.  Because of this, they are able to put aside substantial differences in culture, upbringing and whatever else to work together to counter what they see as significant potential dangers to their home, the cosmopolitan laissez-faire "pirate" paradise of Porto Liure.

Because they have the unofficial backing of a minor noble who's own tragic brush with The Shadow is what prompted him to sponsor this small group, they have access to a small brownstone on the Rua de Xavier.  Some of them basically live there, although several do not--and they use the building as a headquarters for investigation into threats of the more occult variety that they hear rumor of.  Because of the sponsorship--although somewhat scant and off the books--by a minor noble, they don't have to work to support themselves (although some still do.)

Manoel Vaz do Camões is the first of these new iconics.  Formerly an Inspector with the Watch, Manoel was a professional in an outfit that is mostly made of semi-official thugs and uneducated muscle who keep the peace more by brute force than by any ability to actually investigate crime.  The professional investigators were a rare and unusual breed, highly in demand, and Vaz do Camões was successful and highly sought after, having made a name for himself after solving several unusual and highly public cases.  He had the wary respect of the crime families, and the more solid respect of the gentry and even some of the common people recognized his name, if not his face.  This came to an end several years ago when he was part of the investigation of the Church of Starry Wisdom, near to where he currently lives in Rua de Xavier.  That investigation was infamous, and many heretics and witches were put to death.  Little of what really happened was ever made public, and Vaz do Camões slipped quietly out of the public eye following the investigation, resigning his post on the watch and going private for a time until his current sponsorship.

Manoel is a confirmed bachelor, with no known family that he remains in contact with, at least.  He's not a native of Porto Liure, however, having moved here as a young man from Terrasa itself, where he was a student, apparently, before being drawn into the investigator profession.  He still presents a cultured and studious demeanor, and enjoys quiet socialization at times among the scholars of the Academy.  A famous teetotaler with little in the way of a sense of humor, he is serious, erudite and extremely observant.

Manoel was also the first to be recruited by the minor noble who sponsors this small group, and is the unofficial leader of the group.  He is the one who maintains contact with the sponsor, who he refuses to name to the rest of the group out of concern for his anonymity, and he is the one who directs the majority of their investigations.

Manoel is a middle-aged, bronzed and cultured Terrasan with gray at his temples and is relatively clean-shaven, although he often misses several days at a time.  He is thin and fairly athletic, and although not as powerful or dangerous as his friend Ottvar Golovskin, he is still a skilled fencer with a side-sword.  He also carries at least two daggers and a pistol with him wherever he goes, and is known for donning thick black leather clothing and a cloak (the equivalent of light armor.)  A long scar adorns the left side of his face, although it is now faded to a small white line.

Manoel is conflicted by the use of magic.  He knows first-hand its terrible cost, but he also knows first-hand the benefits it can bring to its users.  He's a cautious student of arcane and forbidden arts, perhaps still lingering with the lawman's distrust of illegal sorcery, but he does know a few small spells that are useful in his chosen profession.  He's very discreet in their use, of course.

Character sheet:
Name: Manoel Vaz do Camões
Class/Level: Expert 3
Race: Human (Terrasan-southern)
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair Color: Slightly graying black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Olive
STR: 14 (+2)
DEX: 12 (+1)
MND: 16 (+3)
Hit Points: 24
Armor Class: 14 (light armor)
Athletics: +4
Communication: +4
Knowledge: +7
Subterfuge: +4
Survival: +4
Melee To Hit: +5
Ranged To Hit: +4
Magic To Hit: +6
Wealth on Hand: 4 gp, 9 sp, 5 cp
Weapons: 2 daggers -- 2d6 +2 damage, range 50 ft (if thrown)
Side-sword (spada da lato) 1d8 + 2 damage
Flintlock pistol 2d6 damage, ranger 100 ft.
Other Equipment: Leather armor (+2), travelers clothing, candles (5)
Spells: Cackling Breath of Moloch
Light of Kuranes
Unerring Vision of Istoria
Notes: Has Investigation and Deception affinities

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