Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DM songs

Yeah, yeah... the title of the blog is DARK•HERITAGE but not all that often does it come out that that's partly because I'm a huge fan of Depeche Mode!

The DM facebook guys have been hosting these interesting polls; pick your favorite five songs from two albums at a time.  So far, they haven't gone farther than four albums, but I decided to go ahead and pick my choices now.  Just in case I forget to vote later.  I can't remember if b-sides or other non-album tracks from the same era are counted, but I'm going to throw them in regardless.  They are, after all, included on the re-release bonus versions.

Poll #1: Speak and Spell and A Broken Frame

  1. "Just Can't Get Enough"
  2. "Ice Machine"
  3. "Leave in Silence"
  4. "My Secret Garden"
  5. "The Sun and the Rainfall"
"New Life" and "Photographic" are runners-up.

Poll #2: Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward
  1. "Everything Counts"
  2. "Lie To Me"
  3. "People Are People"
  4. "If You Want"
  5. "Blasphemous Rumours"
A number of CTA era tracks make the runners-up list, including "Fools", "And Then..." and "The Landscape is Changing."

Poll #3: Black Celebration and Music For the Masses
  1. "Stripped"
  2. "But Not Tonight"
  3. "Never Let Me Down Again"
  4. "Sacred"
  5. "Behind The Wheel"
This one is--by far--the most difficult for me, as I have to cut songs that I really, really like--better than the favorites I picked for earlier albums.  Runners-up include "Black Celebration," "A Question of Time," "World Full of Nothing," "Little 15."  It felt odd to not pick "Strangelove" but I have to admit that it doesn't do it for me like it used to.  Over-exposure, I'm guessing.

Poll #4: Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion
  1. "Waiting For the Night"
  2. "Enjoy the Silence"
  3. "Dangerous"
  4. "In Your Room"
  5. "Mercy In You"
No runners-up.  Barely got five that I could pick as it was.  

Poll #5: Ultra and Exciter
  1. "It's No Good"
  2. "Insight"
  3. "The Dead of Night"
  4. no vote
  5. no vote
Can't think of five that I would pick.  I only got three.  Sorry.

Poll #6: Playing the Angel and Sounds of the Universe
  1. "John the Revelator"
  2. "Precious"
  3. "Lillian"
  4. "Wrong"
  5. "Oh Well"
Biggest runner up was "Martyr" but "Suffer Well," "A Pain That I'm Used To" and "The Darkest Star" make the list too.  Other than that, I didn't like Sounds of the Universe much anyway.

I don't know what the DM facebook guys will do when we get to Delta Machine since they can't pair it with anything.  That's OK; it's not that great anyway.

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