Thursday, August 28, 2014

#RPGaDay continued

#19: Favorite published adventure.  I don't use a lot of published adventures.  By virtue of having used it the most, I have to pick "Exit 23" for this one, though--the one-shot (and potential campaign kick-off) included in the original DARK°MATTER setting book (for the Alternity system (although I've only ever run it for other systems, mostly d20 Modern.  Now, that makes it sound like I'm somewhat hedging and that I wouldn't necessarily pick it as my favorite.  I think that I have to go and say that yes, it is.

With more exposure to more adventures, it's certainly possible that I'd have picked others, of course.  But like I said, I rarely use published adventures.

#20: Will still play in 20 years time.  I dunno.  Who can say?  Probably some form of D&D, but exactly what form is TBD.

#21: Favorite Licensed RPG.  Some variety of Star Wars no doubt.  At least, that's my favorite setting to adapt from fiction to an RPG.  That said, both the Star Wars game that I'm in now and the Star Wars game I'd like to run myself are both homebrew systems, not one of the (several) official licensed games out there.  Eh.

#22: Best Secondhand RPG Purchase.  I don't buy a lot of second-hand purchases, really.  But I'll say that picking up the original DARK°MATTER campaign setting from a friend probably has to be it.  For a long time, that was my go-to pseudo-X-files setting.  Now, I'd rather just kitbash my own using a mishmash of urban myths, traditional horror mythos and some Yog-Sothothery for good measure.

#23: Coolest looking RPG product/book.  Oh, heck--I dunno.  I suppose I was always a fan of the boxed sets with the Larry Elmore art.  You know; the original BECMI stuff. And I think the Iron Kingdoms products are incredibly attractive; bordering on art books as much as RPG books.  But if I have to pick one product as the coolest looking regardless of content other than cool-looking, I'll probably have to pick The Art of Dragon Magazine.

#24: Most complicated RPG owned.  d20, I'm sure.  I don't often go in for very complicated RPGs, and when I've inadvertently ended up with one, I usually don't keep it.  d20 is clearly the most complicated RPG that I own and intend to continue owning.

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