Friday, August 29, 2014

#RPGaDay concluded

#25: Favorite RPG no one else wants to play.  Hmm... Not sure.  I've trimmed my more esoteric tastes a bit, and with my group, we can usually get people on board for at least an experimental run.  But I'll say Call of Cthulhu even though it's not literally true (three of us in our group love the game) because there is a fair bit of resistance from the other three or four players.  Dread is another one that's too out there to ever be more than an unusual one-shot very rarely, and I'd like to play it more.  I've had a great time with it in the past.

#26: Coolest character sheet.  I don't really care much about character sheets.  If I can't write my character on a piece of notebook paper like I used to in the 80s, then something is wrong.  For most d20 games, which I mostly play, I use the official character sheets printed out blank and hand-written in with pencil.  Any other character sheet (for those games) now feels wrong to me.

#27: Game You'd Like to see a new/improved edition of...  Again; I don't really know.  I think these questions are more geared towards people who play stuff a bit more out of the box without modification than I am wont to do.  I don't really need a new version of anything, and in fact, I tend to dislike new versions for its own sake.  I also tend not to love system for its own sake (although I'm always tinkering with improvements) so if there's something I'd like to play in terms of setting or theme, my favorite approach is to take my already favorite system and modify it.  With the proliferation of d20 and m20 variants, I honestly don't think I ever need a new game ever again.  Most of my "old" favorites that I'd like to revisit for nostalgia's sake (if for nothing else) I can replicate easily with those systems.  Most have, in fact, already been done so (Star Frontiers, Star*Drive and DarkMatter being replicated explicitly in d20 Modern for instance.)  I suppose if I have to pick something, I'd like to see an explicit Lovecraftian bestiary for m20, at which point I'd have everything I could possibly need to replicate Call of Cthulhu in that system.

#28: Scariest Game you've ever played.  I'm not honestly creeped out by games, the way I'm not really very creeped out by ghost story movies or books either.  I like the genre a lot, but in terms of actually feeling scared enough for it to be memorable... I don't think that's ever happened.  Sorry.

#29: Most memorable encounter.  Lots of memorable encounters over my gaming "career", but I'll pick this one.  I still remember, probably more than most other encounters, one in our Age of Worms game in which some really tough outsider materialized in front of us.  My character, a shifter with the ability to basically "pounce" had the highest initiative, so I jumped in and did a crazy 1/3 of its total hit points in a single round (ah, barbarians!)  The sorcerer in the group then attempted to banish the creature, which was of course statistically very unlikely.  Of course, unlikely doesn't mean impossible.  The big bad evil thing rolled a natural 1 on its saving throw.  Before it even had a chance to act at all in initiative order, it was thoroughly defeated.

I think it took us a good fifteen minutes to calm down and quit high-fiving each other and laughing at that.

#30: Rarest RPG owned.  I don't think much about rarity, and mostly I play well-known and readily available games.  However, given that I tinker with homebrews and independent web-published games, I'd probably have to say something like m20 or DINO PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND or something.  I don't know if it's really rare or not, but its certainly indie.

#31: Favorite RPG of all time.  Tough one.  Based on how much I've played, I'd have to pick D&D 3.5.  Based on how much I'd like to play, I'd have to pick m20.  My favorite game for tone is probably Call of Cthulhu.

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