Thursday, June 12, 2014

World Cup predictions

What the heck.  I'll make some brackets.  There are eight groups of four teams each.  Two from each group advance.

Group A: Brazil and Mexico
Group B: Spain and the Netherlands
Group C: Columbia and... Greece, I guess (this is a tough one to pick a winner)
Group D: Italy and... England or Uruguay?  I'll go with England.
Group E: Switzerland and France
Group F: Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Group G: Germany and Portugal.  I'd like to see the US advance, but this is a tough bracket.
Group H: Belgium and Russia

I'll go out on a limb and predict the next round too.  The brackets, if I'm correct (and I've put winner first and runner up second in each of these proposals) would be as follows:

  • Brazil vs. the Netherlands.  Winner, Brazil.
  • Columbia vs. England.  Winner, Columbia
  • Switzerland vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Winner Switzerland (because it's easier to keep typing.)
  • Germany vs. Russia.  Winner, Germany
  • Spain vs. Mexico.  Winner, Spain
  • Italy vs. Greece.  Winner, Italy.
  • Argentina vs. France.  Winner, Argentina
  • Belgium vs. Portugal.  Winner, Portugal
Quarter finals?

  • Brazil vs. Columbia.  Winner, Brazil
  • Switzerland vs. Germany.  Winner, Germany
  • Spain vs. Italy.  Winner, Italy
  • Argentina vs. Portugal.  Winner, Argentina

  • Brazil vs. Germany.  Winner, Brazil.
  • Argentina vs. Italy.  Winner, Argentina.
Finals: Brazil vs. Argentina.  Winner, Brazil.
Third place game: Germany vs. Italy, winter Italy.

How's that?


Joshua Dyal said...

I may have been too bearish on the US's chances, though. Ronaldo appears to be injured, and Leuer and Lahm for Germany are also not at 100% due to recent injuries.

Joshua Dyal said...

I think it's likely that I've overestimated Brazil. They're certainly good, but other than Neymar, they don't seem to have much going for them. And they're less likely to win by ref than I previously thought, if only because so many skeptical eyes are on the refs.