Friday, May 16, 2014


Well... I haven't abandoned blogging.  I've just been extremely busy.  Work has been kicking my hiney, and when I go home in the evening, I haven't been any less busy.  Pretty much all of April and May so far has been completely toast for me.  I haven't had any time to read much of anything, watch much of anything, think about much of anything, or otherwise indulge any of my hobbies, other than some minimal planning for my big hike that I'm taking out West later this summer, and sending my oldest son off to South America for a time.

Well, it's not true that I haven't watched anythingCaptain America 2 is, for example, a fantastic movie, that I happen, by sheer coincidence, to have seen twice.  Although I'm not the first to point this out, no doubt, one funny little thing about the teaser at the end (the one with Baron von Strucker--for those who noticed.)  The actors who play brother and sister mutants Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch (probably not going to call them mutants, because the rights to the mutant movies are not with Marvel Studios, as it turns out.  That's OK, the characters were Avengers for a long time in the comics before they were revealed as Magneto's kids.) play husband and wife in Godzilla.  That might be just a bit awkward...

As a fan of comic books and space opera, I'm excited about the coming few years.  Lots of Marvel stuff, Star Wars moving again, DC finally seems to be lurching to life with a good Batman trilogy behind their belts and an actually good Superman movie (I was sceptical, I admit.  I don't really like the character, and think that it's kinda boring to try and challenge the guy who can do it all while yawning.)  And that's just a couple of franchises!

Anyway, work seems to be calming down at least just a bit.  I hope to be ready to make some DARK•HERITAGE and gaming related posts... as well as some book reviews or something... in the very near future, and make this blog seem less like an afterthought.  As it no doubt has seemed in the last couple of months.

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