Monday, February 24, 2014

Clone Wars "Season Six"

As the article shows, thirteen episodes of the written but never aired "season six" of The Clone Wars will debut on Netflix in about two weeks.  You may notice that most Clone Wars seasons are 22-24 episodes long, so this is not a complete season.  You'd probably be right.  Writing is the first step, obviously, and production and post-production comes later.  Meanwhile, while the producers were in the midst of making season six, business realities intruded, and Disney bought Star Wars and the rest of Lucasfilm.  This made the Cartoon Network contract unworkable (or at least undesirable) so the show was canceled earlier than it otherwise might have been.  We're lucky that they guys were able to finish up thirteen episodes, I think.

There's also apparently some lost Darth Maul espisodes that weren't as far along, and were therefore never animated and can't be seen, even though scripts exist.  These will be adapted to a comic book by Dark Horse in a few months (given that Disney also owns Marvel Comics, it's surprising that that contract still lingers, but no doubt it won't forever...)

As a lifetime fan of the franchise, even during it's low points, I'm excited to see this.  I've thoroughly enjoyed this show to date, and I'm excited to see the new Disney XD show Star Wars Rebels when it airs this fall.  And I'm excited to read the "Son of Dathomir" arc, even though I've otherwise kinda sorta given up on Star Wars comics (and in many ways, comics in general.)

Maybe this will be the impetus I need to finally officially playtest my Star Wars Microlite ruleset, while I'm at it...


Joshua Dyal said...

Man, the nerdrage has been amusing to see. Sweeping indictments of the Clone Wars as invalidating EU at every turn (one of it's best qualities, in my opinion) simply because they say Moriband instead of Korriban? Check.

Moriband is actually a cleverer name, or at least it comes with some references, given that it sounds like the English word moribund, and is probably meant to evoke it.

I'm going to miss this show. I wish the Darth Maul arc had gotten animated, although I'll almost certainly check out "Son of Dathomir" in comic book form just because I can't help it.

James Sullivan said...

I'm going to miss it.

The Clone Wars were just the thing to make me fall back in love with Star Wars after the dreck of Episodes 1-3.

Joshua Dyal said...

For me, it was this show and the BioWare Old Republic games. I'd have loved to see an Old Republic animated show. Oh, well.

Star Wars Rebels does look like it'll probably be pretty cool. And I'm cautiously optimistic about the 2015 Episode VII.

James Sullivan said...

I forgot about those games. I only played the first but it was awesome. My friends and I still joke about Carth, "looks like he wants to talk to you about something."

Joshua Dyal said...

The Old Republic itself--the newest one which is a hybrid RPG/MMO, is now free to play. It's worth checking out. I wish it had just been a really massive RPG without the MMO elements myself, but for the most part, the MMO elements aren't too intrusive.