Tuesday, January 21, 2014

House rules redux

This last weekend, we had one of the last sessions of our d20 Homebrew Star Wars campaign, which has graced the "what I'm playing" sidebar over there for many months.  It's always a little tricky to estimate exactly, but there are probably two or three more sessions before we're done.  We have, in fact, already agreed to revisit Cthulhu next, a somewhat surprising turn of events given the failure of our last Cthulhoid venture, so I'm excited to once again play one of my favorite games.  Even if we do have to use the BRP ruleset.  Then again, it's probably not likely that I'd expect everyone (or even anyone) in my group to fall in love with m20 like I have.  We'll see what, if anything, I do with my m20 in the next few months or so.

Be that as it may, I've adapted my Star Wars m20 wiki into a pdf document, which is available right here for you to download.  It's marginally more convenient than in wiki form, at least for some purposes, and I fixed a few typos.  Embarrassingly, I'd mispelled Millennium Falcon repeatedly--I was only using one 'n' in millennium!  I have high hopes of running a game, albeit probably a shortish one rather than an extended campaign, for my younger boys using that system.  I actually think an adaptation of Star Wars, even a fan adaptation, as in my case, is probably a better gateway than anything in the D&D idiom. 

I've also had reaffirmed my repeated frustration--although it's a mild one that I can certainly live with--of trying to adapt d20, D&D paradigm and all, to the Star Wars idiom.  I've had further issues with trying to do some basic Jedi-ish, should be non-challenging stuff, and had it totally not really work as advertised.  Again--I think part of it, a big part even, is my GM's inability to wrap his head around a different interpretation of the rules than he grew up with playing D&D (which is somewhat ironic, given that it's basically his own alternate adaptation of the OGL to Star Wars which he wrote himself).  But an also not insignificant part of the problem is the ruleset itself.  m20 manages to mostly sidestep these issues, and certainly the specifically Star Wars interpretation of them that I've got here will do so.

Don't forget; two versions of the character sheet are also available, and include details for your characters ship (if he has one.)  The big version is here, which serves as a slightly clunkier first draft.  I actually prefer the slimmed-down alternative here instead.

I've also made some minor modifications to my DARK•HERITAGE ruleset while I was at it, available here.  I was quite happy with the result of what I had, but I had forgotten to add a minor detail to magic use, actually, in which sorcerers can use sacrifices and covens (or whatever plural group word best applies to sorcerers--I kinda like murder myself, although I'm sure I'm alone in that regard) to mitigate somewhat the cost in hit points and sanity that they would otherwise endure to work their craft.  If my "gating" of my kids into gaming via Star Wars is successful, I might also consider trying to do something with this system for them as well. 

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