Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Free kindle books

I finished my Kindle copy of A Princess of Mars, which of course I've read many times before (and which I also own in paperback...)  For a variety of reasons, I'm struggling to make progress on my paperbacks (I've got a long list of books that I've bought but haven't read) but I do a bit better on my Kindle app on my phone.  Probably because I always have a phone with me, and I can pull it out of my pocket and read a few pages when I have a few minutes, which means I can make progress--however slow and interrupted--on books for that platform.

But... I'm really cheap.  And I don't really like buying Kindle books, which I still think are often over-priced.  So, I've been trawling for free Kindle books.  That's part of the reason I've been reading Burroughs again; he's in the public domain, so finding free Kindle titles of his is easy.

I also picked up a number of other titles, most of which are free copies of the first books in a series, by self-published authors.  My "hit rate" of books that were good enough that I'd actually finish reading them has been fairly low so far--I've given up a fair bit of books that I did not like and couldn't find myself sinking my teeth into. 

I've done pretty well this weekend so far, though, with some Jonathan Moeller books--specifically Demonsouled, which is the first book of a nearly 10-book series called the Demonsouled series.  Pretty good medieval fantasy, with an emphasis on more medieval-like tropes and conventions, which I'm enjoying.  He also has I believe three other free ebooks--also the first books in series.  It's nice to find an ebook that I'm really enjoying, for the first time in a long time.

It also gives me some hope for my belief that the future of the fantasy genre--and of genre publishing altogether--is in self-publishing.  Get rid of the middle-men publishers.  This is even more exciting for would-be writers than it is for readers, but still, it's good news for everyone, if it can work out.

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