Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Star Wars d20

We had another session of our much delayed Star Wars campaign this past weekend.  To the uninitiated, it's worth pointing out that we're not actually using the Star Wars d20 rules--any of the three options--we are actually using a house-ruled D&D 3.5.  Realistically, it's not substantively different from playing one of the first two Star Wars d20 iterations, to be honest with you.  I think the GM was simply more interested in house-ruling a game he already had and liked than in buying someone else's interpration of said houserules.

My character right now
Because our game is fairly heavily weighted towards Jedi-like operations, we have a lot of Jedi characters (four of six, as I recall.)  And by Jedi, I really mean Jedi as a character class, not necessarily Jedi as an in-game organization.  My character is an 8th level Jedi... but is not a member of the Jedi order, nor is he likely to be.  In fact, my character is a Sith acolyte defector; he's disillusioned by the Sith order and wants to bring them harm (hence his alliance with the Jedi) but he has not shed much of the baggage of his Sith training.

We're finally at high enough levels that our Jedi characters can finally feel like Jedi.  One of my early complaints about the rules is that things that even very young padawans (i.e. Ahsoka) seem to take for granted were out of our league even after being granted full Knight status (for all Jedi characters except myself, of course.)  This, naturally, impinged on the ability of the game to feel like Star Wars.  So the good news is, that we feel like Star Wars more now, in at least that respect.

I also think our DM has an unfortunate tendency to be a bit more punitive and difficult in terms of his rulings and DCs and whatnot that he assigns to tasks.  This, again, may be great in some games (including many games of D&D) but interferes with the game feeling like Star Wars.

In any case, because we played again--for the first time in a few months, I was reminded that I had been house-ruling m20 to run Star Wars the way I think it should be run; a way that focuses on the canonical source material (and here, I mostly mean the movies and the Clone Wars tv show--Old Republic games also get a pass.  Much of the rest of the EU is otherwise explicitly ignored.)  And looking back over those rules, I was reminded that I never did actually get spaceships done, so I'm missing a major hole in the ruleset!  This is not good, and therefore is something that needs to be addressed ASAP!  As I mentioned over on my Star Wars m20 wiki, I have two drafts--two other interpretations of Star Wars into m20 to work from to borrow my starship rules from, but neither one of them did everything completely right, so I'm hybridizing the two and additionally modifying it into the perfect "my Star Wars" ruleset.  I recall being a bit unimpressed with the spaceship rules in both iterations, which is probably why I never really got around to completing that section of the rules.

I'd also like to add a bit more; so I've got the rules, I've even got some setting background--moving the game forward to 1,000 years after Jedi so I have plenty of freedom to do things my own way.  Given that in 2015, we'll see new Star Wars movies (plus new material of other types--the Clone Wars TV show is ending, but Rebels is ramping up to replace it) I better either play this sooner rather than later, or be stuck later modifying setting information to fit new canon.  This means that I need to also start looking at some specifics--i.e., if I run a game of this, what will the players actually do?  And then I need to recruit some players and have at it.

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