Tuesday, October 01, 2013

D&D Without the D&Disms, part IIa

Well, I'm revising my race list for my ODD D&D setting (which clearly also still needs a new name.  But not urgently.)  The planetouched races, which I really like, are very D&Dish still, and feel much more magical rather than "psionic."

Here's the improved list:
  • Human (as listed in the SRD or PHB)
  • Half-orc (as listed in the SRD or PHB)
  • Orc - I'm scratching them. Orcs as a race are extinct. Rather, they've been hybridized so thoroughly with humans that pure-blooded orcs simply don't exist anymore. Half-orcs are still out there, of course, but they're half-orcs now. Full-blooded orcs are no longer a racial choice.
  • Goblins - as in the SRD using goblins as a race. However, they seem a little under-powered to me. Go ahead and give an extra feat, as if they were human (but not the extra skill points.)
  • Hobgoblins - as in the SRD. However, although they have a net bonus on ability scores (and therefore the designers gave them an LA+1) the hobgoblins really don't have much else going on, and I don't believe that the LA+1 is warranted. Treat them as LA+0, but don't worry about changing anything else.
  • Shifter - I love shifters. I think they have a great fantasy feel to them. I'm totally OK with them as written.
  • Changelings - I dunno. I'm a little on the fence with these. I like the concept, but they're almost more of a monster than a PC type race.  At the moment, I'm leaning towards leaving them out.
  • Warforged - Nevermind. These guys seem to also be more of an NPC/monster type, unless you're specifically in Eberron.
  • Kalashtar - a clearly core race to the setting.
  • Elan - a core race to the setting; not quite as rare as implied by the Expanded Psionics Handbook
  • Lizardfolk (or Lizardmen) - not really meant as a PC race; more of an NPC "villain" race.  Including the big, bad, blackscales.  Will borrow a lot of culture and stuff from the Lizardmen armies book of Warhammer fame. 
I'll go ahead and include the class list with this post too, since race and class so go together to define the character concept.
  • Rogue (from the PHB or SRD)
  • Fighter (from the PHB or SRD)
  • Barbarian (from the PHB or SRD)
  • Psion (from EPH or SRD)
  • Psychic Warrior (from EPH or SRD)
  • Wilder (from EPH or SRD)
  • Soulknife (from EPH or SRD)--although I think that this class is a little underpowered.  It's clearly meant to be a "psionic monk" type class, except without a lot of the monk's "imperviousness."  I could do something complicated to rebalance, or I could just give it the fighter instead of cleric BAB.  Voila!  Easy solution wins.
  • Ardent (from Complete Psionic)
  • Divine Mind (from Complete Psionic)
  • Lurk (from Complete Psionic)
  • What the heck?  The psychic rogue which was a special WotC online class is useable too.  It seems to step all over the niche of the Lurk, but whatever.
This gives us slightly more variation than just a core-only PHB list of races and classes.  Surely sufficient!  I think I'm settled now on races and classes!

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Joshua Dyal said...

Although I do like the concept of a spell-less Ranger class, especially given that wilderness is a big part of the setting.

However, I'm not going to stipulate one. Take your pick. Probably the cheapest solution would be to take the SRD Ranger, and add the Skirmisher archetype form the PRD--although maybe that's a complicated way to do things. I also really like the Wildlander alt.ranger from the Midnight book. And if you have Complete Warrior, there's a variant of the Ranger there that doesn't cast any spells, if I recall correctly.