Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 7 - Favorite Edition

3.5.  No question.  I don't love it, exactly, but I'd rather play it than any other edition.  I know it quite well, it's very flexible, and it works fairly well.  I have some serious problems with it, but no moreso than I have with any other edition.  And I still remember the axiom of "tools, not rules"--which was how I'd always played the game anyway.  With that in mind, many of the commonly decried problems with the edition fade away.

That said, I'd rather not play D&D exactly at all.  I'd rather play something like m20, or d20 Modern.  Really, what I don't like most about the game is all of the D&Disms (which curiously are much less prominent in some older versions of the game--although those are marred by lack of robustness and inflexibility in other ways.)

The also ran, that I could play and be OK with doing so if 3.5 (and 3e; I'm considering them interchangeable for purposes of this post) would be the Moldvay-Cook era B/X game.

The edition I'd be least likely to want to play is probably 4e--although AD&D (of either 1st or 2nd edition; either one) would be a close second.  And if I could live with Moldvay-Cook, I could probably also live with Mentzer or RC; the differences weren't really that significant, were they?

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