Monday, September 09, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 3 - Favorite Playable class

Well, why not?  I'm behind, and I'm waiting for a conference call to start.  Rather than waste that time, I'll add another post to my 30 Day Challenge - D&D Style.  The third post in the challenge is to describe Your Favorite Class to play, and why.

I should get right out there and point out that I don't really like the spellcasting classes.  Any of 'em.  I don't like the way magic works in D&D.  I especially don't like the cleric, which is an archetype that I think fails to be archetypal.

If you get really picky, most of the classes have spellclassing.  Junior grade spellcasting classes include the paladin (a fighter/cleric hybrid), the ranger (a druid/fighter hybrid) etc.  That leaves me, using most class lists anyway (and certainly the basic ones from 3e) with the fighter, the rogue, the barbarian and the monk.  Fighters tend to be really bland, monks are loaded up with supernatural wuxia abilities, and barbarians are really quite specific.  So... the rogue?  I guess.  I like them well enough, but they kinda don't quite make it either.

Luckily, since when I play D&D I play d20 D&D (3.5) I've got a lot of options available to me.  Third party OGL publishing has made a lot of new options available.  My favorite classes tend to be alt.rangers that don't cast spells.  Since hiking is another one of my major hobbies, that probably shouldn't be surprising.  Oddly, of the myriad options to accomplish this, I'm not sure that I necessarily have a favorite.  Maybe the wildlander from Midnight?  Maybe just take the ranger as is, and apply the skirmisher archetype from Pathfinder?  Speaking of which, hybridizing Pathfinder and 3.5 classes together, or simply using Pathfinder classes (which is mostly fine in 3.5 D&D, although the results might be slightly over-powered) opens up lots of options, by making the rogue, the fighter, and many other classes much more interesting.  In fact, the Pathfinder Rogue, plus archetypes, might take the edge off of my love for alt.rangers.  But it's a close one.

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