Thursday, September 26, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 26 - Favorite nonmagical item

Today's the 26th and I'm making update 26!  I've finally caught up!  In fact, tomorrow, I'll actually get ahead when I do updates 27 and 28.  Of course, when I don't post over the weekend, I'll fall behind again (a little bit) but I'll be just in time to catch back up and finish on time on Monday the 30th.

It helps that there's not necessarily a lot to say about some of these 30 DAY CHALLENGE topics.  My favorite non-magical item?  It's kinda hard to have a favorite.  I'll go with the classic longsword.  Or, for DEX-based fighters, the rapier as a replacement.

Other than that; these things are so utilitarian that it's difficult to really "like" them; there just there.  I don't love my Badger garbage disposal in the kitchen sink, or my claw hammer.  I have them, and I need them, and I use them frequently.  But it's hard to call that kind of thing my favorite anything.

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