Wednesday, September 25, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 21 - Favorite Dragon Color/Type

Yesterday was a complete bust.  To catch up, I had to do two posts yesterday, and two every day (except over the weekend, when I rarely post anything at all) and now I'm even further behind.  It's possible (although not likely) that I can do four posts today and get caught up.  More likely, I'll do three today and three tomorrow.

Or, if it keeps slipping, I'll be late and sneak a post or two in after the month is over.  But I hope to not get that far.  In terms of today's question, I honesty haven't ever been all that fond of the notion of color-coded dragons.  I don't mind some variety in dragons.  Sure, fire-breathers (i.e., the reds) are the classic, but appearance and abilties shouldn't necessarily be in lockstep.  And I do quite like some of the other breath weapons.  Frost/white dragons having a cold breath weapon only makes perfect sense, and some of the other options (especially dragons who spit out a big ole honkin' lightning bolt from their mouth, which is just plain cool) are attractive.

But, like I said, I don't like color-coded dragons.  Frankly, I don't like the notion of dragons being common enough to have their own societies, based on color.  I like the idea of dragons being much more singular.  If a setting has more than a dozen or two dragons in existance at the same time, then it's already over-run with dragons.

Iron Kingdoms has done dragons the best, in my opinion.  Every dragon is a singular entry.  They don't just have their own abilties, but they're got a lot of other variety and personality to them too.

So, in that sense, I'll have to break my own rule (maybe its really more of a guideline, given that I break it frequently) and quote a third party source.  My favorite dragon is Lord Toruk.

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