Thursday, September 12, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 11 - Favorite Adventure You've Run

Well, this one is tough for me to answer.  I don't really run adventures.  Ever.  Sometimes I read them.  But not to run them, only to raid them for ideas.  So I literally have no idea what to answer for this one that really is completely "on topic."

So instead, I'll "cheat" just a bit.  While I've never run any D&D adventures that I can think of, I have run the infamous DARKMATTER adventure, "Exit 23" (which was included in the original campaign setting book) several times.  Although never in its original Alternity form; I've run it adapted (by me) to d20 Modern.  This little gem of an adventure is about perfect for a 4 or so hour convention game, which is about how I've always done it, although I added a little more to make sure it filled the time completely.  It was meant, I think, to be done with six players (and that's mostly how I've done it) but I've done it before with an impromptu seven too.

It also helps that as a convention game, you can really play up the horror angle a bit more.  If a character goes down, well, that's OK.  It's just a couple hours of one-shot anyway.  The horror angle is handled very well; there's really only one monstrous encounter (an ice demon of some kind) but this is a great example of how to "milk" a monstrous encounter so it doesn't feel routine (as is so often the case in D&D.)

And that's really where the module shines.  It's moody, and it perfectly hits that horror-tone.  Sure, it ends up being all Larry Correia, where the solution to horror is to blow it up (it does take place at a gas station where the power's out, after all--and everyone knows how explosive gas is.)  There also seems to be a surprisingly amount of running into and over things with semi trucks.

I honestly can't even remember ever running another another pre-written adventure--of any system--other than "Exit 23".  So, while it's not a D&D adventure, I think it probably has to qualify.

That said, I'm a little tempted to adapt some Paizo adventure paths into something I run for my group.  They'd be heavily adapted, but they'd still be more or less recognizable.  I think either Carrion Crown or Serpent's Skull are the ones that most catch my eye.

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