Monday, May 20, 2013

Star Wars Rebels
BAM! The series that will replace the Clone Wars.  It looks like the status of Clone Wars is a bit uncertain.  The fifth season finished broadcasting recently, and will come out on DVD presumably this October (as all the prior series have done.)  Dave Filoni has made several cryptic remarks about additional Clone Wars stuff he wants to do, or that is in development, etc. but I've got to think it unlikely that it will come out now.  If it's relatively small, maybe the rest of the material will be bonus content on the Season 5 DVDs or something.


Trey said...

I'm pessimistic about more Clone Wars, but if it has to end, it could have a worse one.

I'm optimistic about Rebels, though, unless Disney gets too involved.

Joshua Dyal said...

My standards on what is "acceptable" Star Wars content has been significantly lowered (as has my stock in the franchise overall.) Courtesy of, of course, the prequels. The Clone Wars was, in general, a much better version of Star Wars than the prequels ever managed to be. If it wasn't for them and the Old Republic video games, my interest in Star Wars would have faded quite a bit more.

Although I'm not necessarily in love with everything Disney has done, their Pirates of the Caribbbean, Tron Legacy and Prince of Persia movies--as well as their hands-off and successful handling of the Marvel property since they bought it, have convinced me that it's extremely unlikely they'll do worse to the Star Wars franchise than George Lucas himself has done in the last 10-15 years or so.