Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Star Wars m20, part III: Equipment

Well, it took some work, but I got the Equipment stuff done for my Star Wars m20 game.  This was a bit more of a mess, and I really wasn't totally thrilled with the system in the documents I had, so it took more work for me to clean it up.

What I ended up with is perhaps a little bit more cumbersome than the spirit of m20 calls for, but it's still pretty simple, and I do like the flexibility, even if I do say so myself.

I'm not going to cross-post this to the blog, though, because it includes a bunch of tables, which won't translate well into the Blogger template.  Since I started up a new Star Wars m20 wiki (and deleted the pages from my DARK•HERITAGE wiki, which really shouldn't have had Star Wars stuff on it anyway), I decided just to link directly to the page here, rather than try and recreate it and go through a formatting nightmare.

I will, however, cross-post other material, especially the setting stuff.  Starships, the last mechanical gap to be fixed (where, again, I'll have to work with a bit of a mess on my original m20 versions, to see what looks best of the two options and sort them out) may have some tables too, and may not be cross-postable, but the setting stuff certainly all will be.

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