Thursday, May 23, 2013

P is for the Primogenitor Vampires

I wrote this on my wiki some time ago.  It's a good starting point.
Primogenitors are truly monstrous vampires, creatures who have no humanity left in them at all. Primogenitors don't really feature in the campaign, and nobody has seen one in centuries, at least not that they've reported. The Primogenitors are the remnants of the once noble defenders who came to fight the Fallen One and contain him, and were in turn poisoned and corrupted by him. They are said to be literally the first vampires in the world.

Because of their great age, their appearance and power is completely beyond the ken of the otherwise oldest vampires in Tarush Noptii. However, for whatever reason, the Primogenitors remain in the catacombs deep beneath the city. Whether they slumber, or whether they prowl them for the unluckly lost soul who may occasionally wander his way there is unknown, but for mysterious reasons, no Primogenitor has surfaced for many hundreds of years.

According to legend there were twenty Primogenitors, and the various vampire houses are all "descendents" of one of these monsters. It is unknown if there still exist twenty Primogenitors under the city.
A few additional facts about these bad boys:
  • Tarush, the Fallen One himself, is the god of the Primogenitors, but they don't worship him; they fear him and plot against him.  In the great ritual that sealed Tarush beneath the city, they found themselves trapped with him, sealed magically and only on very occasional instances able to communicate with the world outside of the catacombs beneath the city.
  • There are persistent rumors amongst some of the nobility of Tarush Noptii that the seals are rotting, or failing, or otherwise in danger of no longer keeping Tarush and the Primogenitors sealed.  This is dismissed as persistent paranoia by most, but the rumors remain alive nonetheless.
  • It is unclear how exactly the Primogenitors were formed from the Knight Magi heroes who went to seal Tarush in the first place.  It is also unclear how they were able to transfer the curse of vampirism to others in the Tarush Noptii area, but it leads to troubling speculation that the seals are not as absolute as they appear.
  • The following are the names of the known Primogenitors: Vyrko, Dracul, Strix, Ubyr, Vetala, Nosferatu, Rusalka and Orlok.  This is obviously not even half of the twenty Primogenitors.  Some of them spawned vampire Houses which no longer exist, the rest are forgotten, but not gone.
  • The fact above that the Primogenitors are literally the first vampires may be, actually a "factoid" instead of a fact--a comforting lie spread by vampires that have no connection whatsoever with Tarush, the Primogenitors, or their descendents who rule Tarush Noptii.  Vampire really refers to any type of cannibalistic parasitism in which feeding on the blood, flesh, life-force or soul of other people is used to unnaturally prolong the life of the feeder.  According to the Nine Books of Sotetseg, an Apocryphal work banned in most civilized areas but highly sought after by researchers into the forbidden occult, Tarush himself may have been the first vampire.  Many of his disciples were formed; some were slain by either mortal heroes, or in their internecine wars between each other, but the Primogenitors are something special and unique--accidentally occuring vampires when the Knight Magi were tragically corrupted by Tarush's blasphemous touch even as they heroically sealed him away forever.
  • The Primogenitors are almost certainly insane in at least some ways, driven mad by centuries of isolation with only the horror of their cursed condition to keep them company.

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