Monday, April 08, 2013

L'Isula Dzovençan—Demon Isle

L'Isula Dzovençan is the formal name of an island located midway between Razina and Sént-Haspar (Razina being on the Razine Peninsula on the north shore of the Mezzovian and Sént-Haspar located just east of the Colomá Swamp,where the Mezzovian Sea pinches to a relatively narrow point.)  The name on the map is usually forgotten, though, and it's known by it's more usual nickname--Demon Isle.  L'Isula is part of a strange trifecta; one of three places in the Three Empires region where the bizarre and "The Other" somehow leaks through into the mundane.  The most infamous of these locations is the Plateau of Leng, where the "leak" is so bad that it has corrupted and warped a broad area, the entire Forbidden Lands.  The capital region of Tarush Noptii is also a font of strangeness, where the astronomically implausible fact remains that it is always night, no matter what else happens in the regions around it.  The third is the Demon Isle.  Unlike Leng, it is not dispersed over a broad area, but concentrated, like a piercing hole drilled straight through the matter of the world into the world Beyond.

There are cities on the Demon Isle, and mortals live there.  In the interior, the landscape is haunted and warped into strange sculptures, and demons wander as freely as do mortals.  In the port cities, the effect is more subtle.  But it exists nonetheless, and the inhabitants of the Demon Isle are somewhat insane--deranged cultists of their demonic patron Tetep-Uradad-Namme.  Reavers who make hail from places like Darkwater or Scurvyport are anathema on the Mezzovian Seas, even in lawless places like Porto Liure or Sarabasca.

Like a microcosm of whatever Hell from which the demons on Demon Isle come from, squabbling demon lords set up demesne's of their own and fighting in Machiavellian style for influence and power.  Not all of these self-styed demon princes are actually demons, though--various members of the Heresiarchy occasionally set up shop in this bizarre place which furthers their own researches or aims.  In fact, many would-be purveyors of the sorcerous arts make their way to the Demon Isle, as a way to quickly gain forbidden knowledge that can not easily be learned elsewhere.  But doing so is fraught with danger, as life is extremely cheap on the Demon Isle.  Both the mortals who live here and the demons who think nothing of the lives and souls of mortals have no compunction against incidental murder or worse.

The other feature unique to the Demon Isle is a subset of hellspawn unique to its shores.  Although it is unclear to outsiders exactly how this comes to be, the Witchlings are a female only variety of ehllspawn unique to the Demon Isle.  Always fit and beautiful, these tropical seductresses sport large curling horns on their heads.  Although they are natural succubi, they delight in almost feral violence and torture more than in pleasures of the flesh.  Many are amongst the most depraved and feared reavers to sail the seas.

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