Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Freeport Kickstarter

I've long been a fan of Green Ronin's Freeport setting, and I have both the original d20 sourcebook, and the systemless sourcebook on my shelf.  I also have pdfs of numerous other items, including the Freeport Trilogy (an anthology of the original adventures updated to 3.5) and numerous setting books (Cults of Freeport, Buccaneers of Freeport, etc.)  I also have their d20 guide, which offers a number of mechanics to the 3.5 system.  They produced other guides for other systems, including Savage Worlds, Castles & Crusades, True20, and Pathfinder (and maybe others that I'm forgetting--although I think not.)

Anyway, I just discovered that Chris Pramas, the man behind Green Ronin, is launching a kickstarter for a third edition "deluxe", re-written, updated, and super-duper version of Freeport, to be compatible with the Pathfinder rules.

I pass that along as a dutiful Freeport fan.  Here's the link to the kickstarter.

Although I'm not necessarily a big fan of Pathfinder, and I already have all the Freeport info that I "need"--I like to see more, and I'd like to see it in print again.  I'll probably end up supporting it.  I've got a few weeks to decide.

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