Friday, January 11, 2013

Rip-It Tribute

I like Mt. Dew.  I like energy drinks.  I try not to drink too much of either, but who'm I kidding, I totally do.  When I stop and get gas, I almost always pick up two big energy drinks (although I don't often otherwise) and guzzle them down during the day.  Otherwise, I pick up 2-liter Mt. Dews on the way to work and drink them while working.  (Luckily for me, we have an ice machine in the office, and I have an old insulated Slurpee cup that I keep to drink my Mt. Dew with.)

I especially tend to buy Rip-It energy drinks, because they've got big 16 oz. cans for a buck-nine.  That's only half (or less) the cost of most other brands; although when they're on sale, I'll happily pick up some Amps or Rockstars.  I don't particularly care much about Red Bull, and Monster tastes like its brewed from grass clippings scraped off my lawn mower.  Rip-It also comes in a variety of flavors, many of them kinda fruity (and I like a good citrus/caffeine punch) so I'm a big fan of some of their flavors like Atomic P'om and F-Bomb.  But my favorite by far is Tribute.  This one is a tribute (as you'd expect) to the military.  Rip-It apparently provides energy drinks to the soldiers in some capacity, and it's a popular drink amongst soldiers, (who go on to drink it when off-duty, I presume) so making a flavor and can specifically about them sounds like a great idea.  I've been picking them up off and on for a couple of months.  But lately, I have been completely unable to find Tributes.  I'm not sure why this would be.  Maybe it's not as popular with the masses as it is with me?  Maybe it's just hard to find in my area?  My hometown is fairly "blue" politically and it's near the hometown of Michael Moore.  Maybe folks are afraid Michael Moore will eat them if they run into him and he sees them with a drink that suggests that they will support the troops?

Anyway, Rip-it Tribute is "active mandarin" and "live wild lime."  It occured to me that maybe I could recreate it (sorta) if I can't buy it by picking up cans of Rip-it's Citrus X and Lime Wrecker and mixing them in my cup with a bit of ice.  Today I tried that.

Except... well, I got careless and bought Sting-Er Mo instead of Lime Wrecker (the flavors are very different, but the cans look very, very similar.)  I mixed them anyway, just for the heckuvit, and it's not bad.  It's not what I intended, though.  I'll try again next week, maybe.

Anyway, this random post brought to you by my ongoing caffeine buzz.  I'll try to get a DARK•HERITAGE related post out later today; I've got a number of topics bouncing around in my head asking for release.

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