Thursday, January 24, 2013

Post updates and series

*sigh*  I'm reading the last of five books that I borrowed from my friend Franz in the last month or two (he's lent me several more in the months previously.  I think he likes to feel like his books are getting used after he reads them, and he likes to think that he can talk with his friends about books that we've both read.)  Immediately on the heels of that, I've got two books from the library--one of which is actually an omnibus of what was originally published as two separate novels.  My list of books that I own but haven't read, on the other hand, keeps growing.  I just ordered four more items from Amazon a couple of days ago--but one is a DVD, and one is a pre-order for a Wayne Reynolds art book, so I've really only got two new novels coming on; both of them tie-in novels, and continuations of series that I'm already reading (one of them the third Dave Gross Pathfinder novel about his "half-elf Holmes and tiefling Watson"; the second a Lovecraftian book tied to the Arkham Horror game) so that's not quite as bad as it sounds.  However... the omnibus is the first of three; there were originally six novels in that series.  If I like the first one, I'll have to read the rest.

More to the point, M is the next letter on my A to Z challenge, and what I'd really like to do for that letter is post the map of my setting.  I have not had much luck, however, in finding a way to get my hand-drawn posterboard converted into a digital file via scanning.  I might attempt to scan it in pieces and then assemble them in Paint. NET, or I might attempt to simply redraw the entire thing digitally in Paint.NET.  Either way, it's unlikely that I'll have a chance to do that before the weekend--at the earliest-- and I already feel like this series is dragging on longer than I'd have liked it to.  Plus, I also feel like I'm chomping at the bit just a little to get to some of the letters that follow M.  So... I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to skip M and come back to it later.

I'm not sure why I'm posting just to ramble about whether or not I want to make a specific post or not, or about what I'm going to read next (Theft of Swords, then The Black Swan and then, finally, Tyranny of Ghosts) except that... well, I dunno.  I'm in a rambly mood this morning, I guess.

On the gaming front, I spoke to my wife about our schedule, including the difficulties we've had in getting our normal game together.  I told her that I was seriously thinking of getting a second, closer group together if I can drum up support at a new FLGS that's not too far away from our house that has a bulletin board for potential recruiting.  I don't want to bring strangers to my house, but I could potentially play there sometimes.  My wife was actually quite supportive of that notion; which surprised me a little bit, because we tend to be really busy and me taking off and leaving her with the kids once every other week (or whatever it ends up being) is something that I expected to engender some resistance.  So... if that gets off the ground, we have actual DARK•HERITAGE gaming going on much sooner than I ever anticipated!  That's a prospect that I find exciting.

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