Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Post series

Well... so, I decided to look through my archives for a little bit today.  I decided to make a list of post series that I promised I would write, but which remain open for whatever reason.  In a few cases, there wasn't any plan necessarily on how often or how many times I would add to the series, and a few are probably ready to be closed.  But many remain open, or unresolved, so... I thought I'd make a note of them so that they aren't completely forgotten and fall off the table.  Most of these series have post tags associated with them, but not every post tag is a series, if that makes sense.


I just did J recently, so I'm a little less than halfway done.  This one is moving slowly, but moving nonetheless.


This was a rules lite alternative to d20 that I was working on as a homebrew; kind of a hybrid of Savage Worlds and The Window.  I'm not working on this anymore, and haven't been for a long time.  DARK•HERITAGE HACK, or DHH has replaced this as my rules light alternative to d20.  And frankly, I'm much less keenly feeling the need for a rules light approach to gaming, since the way I run d20, it works fairly well for me anyway.


For a little while there, I was reviewing episodes of the animated TV show, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.  I'm not even watching it anymore.  I'll pick up the rest of season 2 when it shows up on Netflix alongside Season 1; in the meantime, this series is dead.  When I get around to watching the episodes, reviewing them will be pointless.  I'm calling this series caput.


This was an open-ended series.  I had hoped to do more of them, and I hope to yet, but there's no compelling need to go out of my way to add to it at the present.  I think I'll leave it open yet dormant for now.


This series is for any setting (or rules) update related to the titular setting of the blog.  Naturally, this one remains active and gets updates about as often as I post, since most posts belong to this series.


I was paraphrasing the old Ray Winninger series of articles, but with my own examples at one point.  I haven't made an update in this series in literally years.  In fact, I had pretty much forgotten that it was still open.  Ray's column kinda peetered off without a firm conclusion itself, so I wasn't ever completely sure how it was going to conclude anyway.  I'll just consider it abortive and officially close it out.


Sure, this one was hot and heavy for a while, and then slowed way down.  I'm still working on this one, though, as time permits and as topics occur to me.


I had grand designs for podcasting with a rotating cast of guest hosts.  It didn't really happen.  I recorded a second episode, which ended up being accidentally deleted.  Scheduling guest hosts started to become more trouble than it was worth when I attempted it a third time and had no-shows.  Plus, I don't really have the web infrastructure in place to host a bunch of podcast audio files (unless I were to have them be youtube videos or something), so my grand experiment into the world of being a gaming podcast host ended up being one single episode.  Which I still think is a pretty darn good listen, for whatever that's worth.  The series as a whole?  Finito.


I got excited about doing this, briefly, when I saw a similar format on someone else's blog.  I did one entry and then... lost my enthusiasm for it.  Oh, well.  I might yet add to it (someday) but don't hold your breath.


This is a relatively new series, so it hasn't even had a chance to stall yet.  I have a few ideas still in mind for posts here, but there's no schedule, no agenda--I'll just keep adding to it as ideas come to me.


This is in the same boat with one big exception--it hasn't had a new entry in quite a while.  But, when I need one, I'll add it.  It's an open-ended and flexible kinda format.

Another thing that I've been tempted to do for a long time, and will probably try in the near future, is to take some short fiction stuff, set in the DARK•HERITAGE setting with the ICONIC characters, break it up into manageable postable chunks (kinda like how Paizo does their web fiction in the blog) and add it.  Of course, before I can do that, I need to write more, and polish what I do have so that it's presentable.  I won't "officially" announce that new series before I've got something firm that I can post under that new tag.


James Sullivan said...

Now a Podcast would be cool. I'd listen.

I've started listening to a couple recently so I am new to the Podcast experience. They are pretty good so far, I guess.

I listen to Giant Fire Breathing Robot, which has an extremely catchy theme song. But they are prone to getting waaaay off track and they aren't as funny as they think are. They also tend to be a bit foul mouthed so, I have to be careful about listening to it with the kids around. They also have a host who tends to get more political than I want to hear in a geek podcast.

Then there is The Sci Fi and Fantasy Podcast which is a lot more accessible, IMO, and funnier. But they are also kind of sporadic with their stuff.

I also started listing to Police Magazine's Podcast which is usually pretty good and even though I listen to it out of professional curiosity, they tend to be funnier and better spoken than the geekier ones.

Joshua Dyal said...

For a while, I listened to Fear the Boot, which I like, but which I kinda drifted away from, I guess. I also listened to the 3.5 Private Sanctuary podcast for a while, but frankly, I thought they were a little boring; they retreaded a lot of minutiae about rules and whatnot.