Friday, October 12, 2012

Separated at birth?

I have a bunch of pictures of mountains that cycle through as my wallpaper on my computer.  That shouldn't be surprising.  :)  Anyway, by coincidence the following two pictures, both cribbed off of Wikipedia some time ago, came up back to back earlier today, and I was struck with how similar the two mountains appeared to be in shape, color and contour.  What do you think?  Separated at birth?

Reynolds Mountain in Glacier National Park, up in the Lewis Range, part of the Rockies, in Montana near the Canadian border.

And Banner Peak, in the Ritter Range, part of the Sierra Nevada in California, the Ansel Adams Wilderness, very close to Yosemite National Park.

Maybe I'm just a bit mountain happy these days.  Thousand Island Lake in front of Banner Peak also gives it a very distinctive look compared to its Rocky Mountain counterpart... although I should point out that Hidden Lake is just beyond the scope of the shot of Reynolds Mountain too.

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