Tuesday, October 02, 2012

New Star Wars RPG

I'm currently in a Star Wars game with my home group.  I may have mentioned that a time or two here before.  We're using a brusque house-ruling of d20 (not the d20 Star Wars game, mind you--the SRD.  D&D houseruled to be Star Wars, in other words.)  I also have two of the three Wizards of the Coast produced d20 Star Wars games--the original and the Revised.  Although the third, the SAGA edition seems to be widely considered to be the best of the three, given that I still haven't played with either of the two I already own, buying a third version of the same game using basically the same game engine seems... foolhardy, at least.  The closest I ever got to doing so was playing the older Knights of the Old Republic games, which use a slightly modified version of that system to represent your player characters.

I never played the WEG d6 version, although it seems to be fondly remembered by many gamers.

So... I'm not sure if I should be a little bit excited about this or not.  I really don't need another Star Wars roleplaying game... yet at the same time, I never thought that the d20 version quite got it right--although they did a number of things really quite well.  My biggest concern, of course, is that I'm not actually playing much Star Wars... and now that I finally am, it's house-ruled D&D fer cryin' out loud.  (And frankly it works about as well as the d20 Star Wars game does IMO anyway.  Frankly, it's not really all that different.)

And yet, on some level, I can't help but be a little excited.  It's Star Wars, after all.  It's got great production values.  It looks slick.  And I'm still excited about hopefully making some time to explore the all new free-to-play Old Republic option here soon.

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