Thursday, September 27, 2012


I like dice.  I have more sets than I need.  A lot more.  And I like aesthetically pleasing dice.  The conceit behind, say, Gamescience dice doesn't appeal to me.  The randomness is not sufficiently significant that I'm concerned about rounded corners from tumbling causing lack of randomness in my games.  If there is such a lack of randomness, it's imperceptable to me.  (Plus, one of the things Gamescience fans continually talk about is the fact that they stop rolling much more quickly--something that casinos strongly discourage.  Why?  Because it's not random if they don't roll all the way to the tend of the table and bounce off the back wall!)

Themed dice are kind of fun.  I was poking around the Paizo site, and saw this complete list of Adventure path themed dice; one for each of most of the adventure paths that they've done so far.  I like quite a bit of them, and for $12/set, I'll probably eventually get around to picking some of them up.  My particular favorites are the "gothic" Carrion Crown dice, the colorful Legacy of Fire dice, and the (also colorful) Serpent Skull dice.  I can't wait to see what comes out for Skull and Shackles, though.

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