Sunday, August 05, 2012

Star Wars continues

I continue to find the Star Wars franchise, which so informed my youth (the original Star Wars movie came out when I was five years old, and it's the first movie that I remember seeing in theaters) a fun franchise.  Sure, the execrable prequel trilogies dampened my enthusiasm a bit, but a few things have since ramped it up.  Including, but not necessarily limited to:

1) Some great Star Wars video games, including Knights of the Old Republic (One and Two), and Force Unleashed.  There's also the Old Republic MMO, which now has announced that it will have a free-to-play option coming in the fall.

2) A few great RPG options, and a few great RPG games in my home gaming experience, including, as it happens, one that I'm in now.

3) The Clone Wars TV series, which is so much better than the prequel trilogy.  Not only that, the Clone Wars has been improving season over season.  Season 5 is set to start in September.  Check out this trailer for it.  If you don't think that looks awesome, then WHO ARE YOU?

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