Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Posting A to Z challenge

So apparently there's a blogging equivalent of NaNoWriMo--during the month of April, by posting at least six days a week, you are supposed to blog on 26 topics, one for each letter of the alphabet in order.

Of course, I just discovered this notion and idea, and had never heard of it before.  Rather than wait until next April (and rather than attempt to squeeze it into a single month anyway, for that matter) I'm going to take on a more informal version of the challenge and do an A to Z series of posts about DARK•HERITAGE.

For those of you who are familiar with my habit of starting post series and often peetering off without necessarily accomplishing them fully... well, yeah, sure.  Blogging about gaming is for me a recreational activity.  I do it for fun.  If I'm exercising too much discipline, my interest in it will wane, given that one of the reasons I enjoy it is because it's a relatively relaxing and fun creative endeavor.  There are times for setting hard personal goals and exercising discipline around accomplishing them.  Blogging is not one of those activities.

Nonetheless, I intend to meet this challenge.  And for that matter, many of the posts I intend to create will serendipitously (or on purpose!) fill the requirements of other series, including some that haven't had any activity in them for some time.  So, it's a win-win all around!

I make no promises on when I plan to be done, how many posts in this series I will post within a week (or any other time frame), or anything else like that.  I do, however, already have all of my topics pre-selected, so my chance of actually finishing this series completely is very high.  The majority of them are the type of setting capsules that I mostly post, but some of them are discussions of other items; occasionally game mechanics, or metagame or design considerations too.  All posts will come with the A TO Z post tag, the DARK•HERITAGE post tag, and any other applicable post tag (such as YOG-SOTHOTHERY, FRPG, or whatever.)

The list of topics is as follows:
  • A: Alcàsser, a Terrasan city-state
  • B: Baal Ngirsu, a hamazin city-state
  • C: Cannibal Isle, a location in the Forbidden Lands
  • D: House Dracul, a royal house of vampires in Tarush Noptii
  • E: Eltdown, a location within Tarush Noptii, the source of the "shards"
  • F: Forbidden Lands, a large area north of North Qizmir and east of Baal Hamazi--a major source of Yog-Sothothery within the DARK•HERITAGE setting.
  • G: Garriga Mountains--a major mountain range centrally located in the northern part of the Terrasan territory, similar physiographically to the Blue Ridge mountains.
  • H: Hellkin--a discussion on the rare hellkin who are not part of the hamazin race
  • I: the Inquisition, a paramilitary group local to Terrasa, but who frequently travel further abroad
  • J: Jekara, the capital of Kurushat
  • K: Kadath, a location in the Forbidden Lands
  • L: Lakama Jungle-a borderland between the hamazi-lands and the Forbidden lands, infamous for its carnivorous society of intelligent (yet barbaric) apes.
  • M: Magic and how it works in the DARK•HERITAGE setting, including specifically the rules recommended to represent it.
  • N: Neighborhoods in Porto Liure
  • O: Outsiders in the DARK•HERITAGE campaign setting, including many of "D&D vintage" who have been somewhat reskinned
  • P: Primogenitors-ancient, insane, original vampires of Tarush Noptii
  • Q: Qazerum, a trading city in the borderlands between Qizmir's westward expansion and Baix Pallars
  • R: Rumours that abound in various parts of the DARK•HERITAGE setting
  • S: Sinjagat, the spiritual capital of Kurushat, and first city/culture to be aggregated to the Kurushi Empire during its growth trajectory
  • T: The Tether, a bizarre chain that extends straight upwards into the sky
  • U: Unmoving Watchers, three stars in the sky that do not move like the rest of the night sky.  They can even be seen during the day, floating exactly in the same spot in the sky. 
  • V: Vucari, further development of the vucari, or changeling race, a race inspired by the wildman iconograhy of Medieval folklore, Eberron's shifters and Iron Kingdom's Tharn, among other influences
  • W: Wiksekka Mountains, the southern border of Kurushat, and therefore the southwesternmost feature on my map, including a description of why nobody has (yet) explored beyond it
  • X: Rua di Xavier, an infamous location in Porto Liure and one which is, like so many other infamous Liuran locations, believed by the locals to be haunted
  • Y: Yog-Sothoth, He Who Needs No Introduction!
  • Z: Zombies and their role in the DARK•HERITAGE setting

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Joshua Dyal said...

You may have noticed (although probably not) that I've gone through and made updates to the list from time to time. As different ideas occur to me for items further down the list that I like better than the initial one I put in, I may indeed make such updates from time to time. Once a post is written, however, that letter is permanently "locked" in place.