Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still living...

The content of posts I've been able to squeek out on this blog over the last month or so has probably been alarmingly anemic to any readers who are used to more.  For this I apologize, and blame an increased complexity of both work and "real life" issues that demand my attention.

These aren't all necessarily bad (I referenced a trip to the Smoky Mountains a few weeks ago, for example) but they do certainly make me much more busy, and they are not yet at a "normalized" rate.

I am happy to report that my daughter successfully underwent spinal fusion surgery yesterday.  While this will make my week very complicated--my wife is staying at the hospital with her, leaving me to handle work and three boys at home, who are luckily old enough to hold down the fort during the day without much in the way of supervisory phone calls to make sure everything's still alright at home.

And I will be traveling with my oldest son soon for a trip to the Hocking Hills state park in Ohio as well, as a chaperone for a post-Scouting summer activity kind of thing.

Meanwhile, work has been much busier than normal (although I've said that for so long now that maybe I just need to recalibrate what my expectation of "normal" means).  What all this means is that I probably won't get into a good swing of posting meaningful content--or at least not very much of it--for a few more weeks at least--probably not until mid to late August.  I do want to squeeze out some Avengers episode reviews, since I'm behind on that, I'd like to have a few book reviews posted--assuming I can finish the books in time to review them!

I'll also try to squeek out some DARK•HERITAGE setting material, or FRPG posts or something here and there too, but because those take more effort (and therefore time, which is at a premium right now) they will be a bit more infrequent than I'd like for a little bit longer.

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Joshua said...

Is if all that wasn't enough, I also just discovered last night that you can play 15 levels worth of Star Wars: The Old Republic for free. So I just downloaded and installed it on my computer too...