Friday, May 04, 2012

Geeky conundrum

I was reviewing our plans for the evening with my wife a bit.  It looks like we may be really busy, so I may not have the freedom to choose with impunity here, but if I did... what a conundrum.

Today is May 4th.  Because of the sound of May 4th, it's long been considered Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!)  Coincidentally, I've been hankering to rewatch my Clone Wars DVDs a bit.  Sounds good, right?  Pop those bad boys in and indulge some Star Wars on Star Wars Day.

Except that it's also opening day for The Avengers, and pretty much all of the super hero movies of the last few years from Marvel have been leading up to this movie for a long time.  When it comes to superheroes, I've always been a Marvel guy, and as it turns out, The Avengers was one of my favorite series for a while.  Oh, sure, I had a long, indulgent fling with the X-books; who didn't during the late 80s and 90s, anyway?  But the Avengers were always the "classic" superheroes to me.  Also; all kinds of cool stuff has been done with the Avengers in the meantime; I don't just mean the buildup of the mainstream blockbuster movies (although those are indeed very cool) but there's a pretty decent animated Avengers show on Cartoon Network these days, and the New Avengers comic book itself is pretty spiffy.  I don't really read too many comic books anymore, but since Marvel is putting them out in trade paperback compilations shortly after they finish running as regular comic books, my public library has been picking all kinds of stuff up--ironically, I now casually read more comic books than I did when I was actually collecting them when I was younger.  Although I'm always at least 6 months to a year behind "current" events.

So, given that I have a busy evening; I'll have to choose.  I can't watch Avengers and then come home and marathon through some Clone Wars, I don't think.

Hmm... or can I?

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