Monday, April 16, 2012

More hacking

Well, I had supposed (since I didn't know of anything else at the time) that when I was making my own DARK•HERITAGE HACK game, modded off of Kirin Robinson's Old School Hack--that I knew all about the entire Hack "family" of games.  After all, I also had a copy of Redbox Hack, the game that Kirin initially used as a baseline to design his game, and I also had a copy of Corey's Hack version of DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND.  My own "hack" game was largely a hack of the three of them together, looking to maximize faithfulness to my setting with minimal interference with the rules.

Of course, I should have guessed that I was hardly the only person besides Corey to think of further refining the OSH rules to better serve my own setting.  Check out this handy link here for a lot of Old School Hack resources, including a greatly expanded version of OSH, with lots more classes (here called templates) for use, and a number of other optional rules (including Madness rules--so I wasn't original there either.)  Naturally, I've noticed that I could run DHH using just elements from his rules.  If OSH is meant to hearken back to the Redbox D&D (which it is), then this one could--maybe--be called the Advanced OSH--given that it includes a number of new rules that add somewhat to the complexity of the game, especially if they're all used.  I don't really need the complexity, but I do like the new options.  I need to spend more time looking over them to decide if I like his version of some of the classes better than mine.  It's entirely possible that I will!

Also, there's a number of adapted settings in there--Hyrule (the setting of the Zelda games) for instance, and The World Between, the setting for Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque (featured on my shortish blogroll) is also included (for the curious, that's where the Madness rules make their debut.)

So anyway... since I just discovered it, that's my announcement of the find for those curious.  Fun stuff.  I know everyone's on pins and needles to discover if (or how) this new material will affect my own hack of the rules, DHH.  Rest assured, I won't keep that groaning burden of suspense on you for long, and any ideas that I like and want to steal will be first posted in the comments section of this post, and then gradually adopted into the wiki document itself.


Joshua said...

Well, I actually do like a lot of what Fictive has done with the OSH. However, I am not going to make any changes to DHH. I will, however, be gradually implementing some additions/.

Specifically, I may add a class or two, more or less borrowed wholesale from the Fictive document. I will also, almost certainly raid the list of talents to give every class more talents to choose from, targeting about 8 or so talents per class. I will also add optional (although not recommended) rules for leveling up higher than the maximum that is now in place.

Joshua said...

Oh, and I'll also probably add a list of open talents, that any character can take as cross class talents. However, they won't actually belong to any class, so they always must be taken cross class.

Again, most likely, all of these talents will be raided from material written in the existing Fictive document.