Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LEGO by Traveller's Tales

Er... yeah.  Over a week since my last update, and still none of the promised regional summaries.

The good news is, I actually brought my list of regions to summarize today with me.  The bad news is... I've got a really busy day ahead of me, and whether or not I can break away from stuff that needs doing to post them is iffy.

So, I'll make a quicker update on an off-topic thought.  This Easter, we got LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 for my kids.  They were big fans of the earlier game... and in fact, big fans of the LEGO games by Traveller's Tales overall, starting with the original LEGO Star Wars.  Of the series, the only one that we're missing so far is Pirates of the Caribbean, and that's only because the kids have (surprisingly) shown little interest in that one.  Given its relatively cheap price now that it's a bit older (you can get it on Amazon easily for less than $20... including S&H), I may end up picking it up for them anyway, just because it amuses me to have the full set... plus, I'm sure the kids would play it.

I admit I've been a little out of the loop, though, and I didn't realize a few things.  First, that there's a LEGO Batman 2 coming out in about six weeks, which includes an expanded DC Universe cast of characters.  And although I knew that there was a LEGO Lord of the Rings line coming out later, I didn't realize that there was a LEGO Marvel Universe coming out, probably to piggy-back off of the predicted success of the Avengers movie.

Now here I have no idea, but are there going to be Traveller's Tales LEGO Lord of the Rings and Avengers games?  If so, I can easily see the latter being my kids' favorite of the TT LEGO games since the Star Wars titles.  And the former may well be the first that I buy for myself...

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