Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DHH updates

Well, I've made the changes as advertised to my DARK•HERITAGE HACK system.  I've added optional (although not exactly recommended) rules for continuing advancement beyond 5th level, I've given each class four more talents to choose from, and I made a section of General talents, which can only be taken as cross-class talents, but they are available to anyone.

All said, a relatively minor update, based on material cribbed from Fictive's excellent expansion to the original Old School Hack rule-set.


Some of the new talents are probably not play-tested all that well.  In fact, just reading through them as I was borrowing them, I thought to myself that some of them are probably a bit too good, while others probably could use a little beefing up.  However, I've never been much of a fan of power-gaming and worrying too much about game balance.  Each individual GM will have to be the arbiter of any potential issues in play; with good players (like the kinds I prefer to play with) game balance isn't really an issue, because my players don't take advantage.  Most of these talents, even the potentially unbalanced ones, can be used to create a bunch of fun with the right players.

As always, feel free to be more activist about what you allow and don't in your own games, of course.

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