Monday, February 13, 2012


Although the name initially quite seriously turned me off, for completely unrelated reasons, I finally got around to checking out my friend Kirin's Creative Commons uber-short game Old School Hack.  And guess what?  I found it quite good.  I also checked out my other friend Corey's adaptation of OSH to his Dino-Pirates which is actually a closer analog to anything I'd be interested in doing with DARK•HERITAGE than the original OSH is.

The system is a good one, I think, for my goal of having a simple, fast and loose system that works well for Pbp (although it's a great party-game system to pick up and run in person too.) 

To that end, I decided that if the whole Red Box Hack was only 23 pages, the original Old School Hack was only about 25, and the Dino-Pirates substitution document was about 10, then I could certainly come up with a DARK•HERITAGE HACK (DHH) without too much trouble and put it out there too.  And with the Creative Commons license, there was no reason that I couldn't.  And because Kirin and Corey are friends of mine anyway, I didn't expect that even without the CCL I'd have any trouble with it.

So, in addition to my ongoing series of FRPG posts about running a non-D&D fantasy game, and my ongoing setting detail posts, I'm also going to have a few posts here and there about my DHH as I work on it, and then, of course, I'll post the completed document here too.

And then I can also have it as another option for rules.  My DHH will probably be more closely based on the DPoNI hack of OSH than on the original OSH itself, which has a more standard D&Dish feel to it in many ways.

Still, go check out Old School Hack, Dino-Pirates Hack, or even the original Red Box Hack for an interesting take on a rules-lite approach to gaming with a focus on being fun and kinda crazy.

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koboldstyle said...

Ha! Took you long enough. :-P

Welcome to the party, man. Glad to have you aboard. Hack away, eager to see what you come up with.